herniated/bulging disc c5-c6-c7 with scoliosis

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herniated/bulging disc c5-c6-c7 with scoliosis

Post by currybug » Sun Mar 11, 2007 10:14 am

My neurosurgeon just advised that I need surgery to shave the discs that are bulging into my spinal nerve. However I also have scoliosis in which these discs are located in the curve. The pain goes down the left arm with numbness in my index finger.
I believe this doctor is "cut happy" so I do plan on getting another opinion. BUT in the meantime I don' t know what activities are safe to do and/or exercises I can do that may help the situation.

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Post by randolph » Sun Mar 11, 2007 1:16 pm

Hi Currrybug

Dean's beginning exercises in RYB are a good place to start. His e-books (and website articles) give great advice on what to do and how much to do in your situation. In general, during the acute stages of your injury, respect the pain - if what you do hurts, back off. As you heal, you can do more with less pain.

Glad to read you are considering a second opinion to your "cut-happy" doctor. Lots of research out there indicates your physical problems are not an emergency, and you are not in any danger by taking your time to consider less aggressive treatment options than surgery.


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