Trying to avoid surgery (C5-C6 herniation)

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Trying to avoid surgery (C5-C6 herniation)

Post by 3D » Wed Nov 22, 2006 10:14 pm

Hi Everyone,
I'm a 30 year old male that was diagnosed with a herniated disc between C5 and C6 in late Dec. 2005. Depending on which doctor is reading my MRI, it’s been stated that I have a 5mm bulge and/or a “partial rupture?”.

At the time I admitted myself to the hospital (Dec. 2005) I was experiencing severe shoulder pain… Pain so severe, it made many of my other broken bones and injuries seem laughable. This shoulder pain was being caused by the clamped root nerve at C5-C6 (supposedly). I also was losing the feeling in my right thumb. I had ZERO neck pain. I didn’t even know I had a neck problem at all.

To make a long story short, I took 6 weeks off from everything to let the shoulder pain pass.

I than returned to my normal life of working construction, snowboarding, and riding bikes, feeling great with no pain, but still suffering with a numb right thumb tip.

Well, in April 2006 during a pretty intense (lots of digging) foundation installation for my house, I lost the feeling in the tips of my left middle and pointer fingers. This happened after many sleepless nights of dealing with extreme parasthesia (spelling?) and heavy neuro burning of my forearm, wrist, and left hand.

The feeling in my two left finger tips as well as my right thumb tip have not come back to this date. Also, I have a lot of vibrating/buzzing sensation in my hands, as well as, a somewhat painfull, nerve popping in my hands when I grab or lift something. Other than these symptoms, I am in the best shape of my life.

Doctors have said the only way to take care of the numbness is to perform a fusion. I really want to try alternative methods first, but when I read that Dean’s exercises should not be performed if you have numbness, I refrained from trying them.

If anyone can offer any advise it would be much appreciated. I am a part time pro mountain biker, sports enthusiast, and a guy that builds houses for a living and I really need to know where I stand with this neck problem.

Thanks, -Zeke-

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Post by Steven » Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:28 pm

Hi Zeke,

Welcome to the group.

Here's an answer to your exercise question: ... .php?t=414

In short, I beleive what Dean is saying is, if you have those symptoms, check with your doctor before starting the physical therapy program.

Keep us posted what you find out,

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