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nerve problems

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:42 pm
by Fred16
:) I am new to ya'lls web site. My problem is neck related. I have three disc in my neck that are herneated. My doctor cent me to a specialist whom wants to do a series of injections into my spine. It is scary and expensive and not sure about success rate. I will get Dean's book. I am 31 male and have nerve problems with right arm and hand. Thumg and froefinger and wekness in this arm. Please help

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 7:23 am
by randolph
hello Fred

Welcome to the site ... and hope you find some help here, like so many of us have :D .

I'm assuming that the specialist (nuerologist? anesthesiologist?) is recommending injections (cortisone?) to relieve pain from the inflammation associated with the herniated discs? That's a pretty typical treatment; the hope is that most, if not all, of your neck/arm pain will be reduced enough for you to begin physical therapy, and hopefully avoid surgery. Works for some, doesn't for some, but certainly worth a try, usually, relative to the greater costs and risks of surgery, IF you are now in great pain that hasn't been relieved by OTC NSAIDs like Alleve (naproxem). So an important question to ask is, do you need the heavy-duty pain relief of the cortisone before you can begin PT? If OTC meds provide effective pain relief for you, then you can begin the RYB exercises without the epidural.

Ken has been educating us about these epidural injections, and claims the injections themselves are not painful (relieves some of the fear of the unknown there!) and have a high rate of success. Not perfect, but better than 50-50.


Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 7:39 pm
by Fred16
Thank you for the advice. The pain is not so bad that I can handle it. My biggest concern is doing more nerve damage. I can even deal with the numg figers. The problem is the sudden loss of strength in my right arm. Before the injury I worked out six days a week. Now I can't hardly even do a push up. I have strength in my grip but none in my upper arm. If it will not cause more nerve damage I will start the exercises immediately. Thank you for all the help.

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 8:00 pm
by randolph
Gosh, three herniated discs at age 31 ... what happened? Car accident? Football injury?

Yes, Fred, you are quite right to be very concerned about causing any more damage to the nerve. Be very cautious doing the exercises: do what you can until it starts to hurt. Doing any more causes more damage.

You may have to begin doing very little at a time, a few times a day ... but not to worry unless there is not any improvement after the first month or so. Improvement could possibly be slow at first, but should increase steadily over the next few months. Nerves and herniated disc heal slowly compared to other tissues, but they will as you learn your limits and gradually increase what you can do without overdoing it.

Good luck, and enjoy the time off from your usual, heavy-duty workouts.


Ruptured discs?

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:44 am
by Tezzar
Hi Fred and Randolph, first time have used site so not sure what I'm doing. Have recently been given the joyous news of two ruptured discs and one bulging in neck. I don't even know what ruptured disc means. Have been trying different medications with little success and recently had cortisone and nerve block injection. Have limited pain relief on some days, others find it very difficult to hold things together.

My fear is also of further or permanent nerve damage, the left arm and hand driving me insane. I would welcome any information or handy hints to try ease the fear and give me options to look at.

What were the excercises that you mentioned??


Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:25 am
by Steven
Hi Terri,

The exercises everyone is talking about are from Dean's book, Rebuild Your Neck. It's listed on the "Books" page (see the link at the top of this page). You can get it for just a donation and believe me, it's well worth it. Very well written and easy to follow.


Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 9:00 pm
by Fred16
Softball injury. Who knew it is such a dangerous sport. I am still doing cardio for workout. I stopped lifting after the injury. I have tried to lift and can not. The strecting seems to be working out well. The biggest problem is sleeping. The pain will sometimes wake me up. I appreicate all the advice and will continue with the book as much as possible. I do not take pain pills. So the progress may be a little slow. I would rather feel the pain than nothing at all. My doctor said as long as you feel pain and not numbness in the arm you are not doing damage to the nerve. Don't know? But I am trying.

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:07 pm
by 3D
Fred16, I just wanted to see how you were making out. I'm in a similar situation. 1 bad disc c5-c6, very strong, but with 3 numb fingers.

How are you doing?