Rib Laxity and Nerve/Twitches Help Please

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Rib Laxity and Nerve/Twitches Help Please

Post by LigamentLaxity » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:58 pm

I injured myself a year ago lifting and working labor. I had loosened/torn the ligament that connects my rib to my spine. So the rib head slipped out. I also a had trigger point, muscular damage and I could not sleep for months due to pain and involuntary muscle twitches in leg, butt, arm, that cause body jerks when entering a relaxed state.

I went to chiros, physios, doctors. Nothing worked as rib ligaments take FOREVER to heal, and any cracking, manipulation, exercise made the symptoms worse.

I finally went and got Prolozone injections. After 3 months it helped and I was feeling 60% better. Last week I went to an osteopath. I made sure he did not crack me, although he told me I was on my way to healing well. He said my rib was still a tad out, he pushed on all my ribs and claimed to push it more in and spread the surrounding tissues for better circulation. I felt no real pain at the time.

It is a week later. The pain is back and the twitching is full force.

Is there any way to heal this stretched rib ligament for good? Im a bodybuilder so healing means able to lift and sleep properly. This problem seems so small but it is ruining my life. It just never heals.

Id also like to know if anyone has any idea why I have all these twitches since this injury. Any aggravation to the rib and the twitches are full force.

I cant even sleep without tylenol everytime I almost fall asleep I will slightly twitch and my brain will just awaken like an adrenaline rush.

What is this? Nerve compression, CNS malfunctioning?

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