Pain in serratus,behind scapula, traveling through left arm.

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Pain in serratus,behind scapula, traveling through left arm.

Post by ricbuchner » Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:05 pm

I was diagnosed with a hernyated disc 15 years ago between first C disc and last T disc. Had a lot of pain that disappeared over time, with exercises, chiro, etc. Im a very healthy and activity oriented person, love doing many types of exercises, like indoor biking, bodybuilding (moderate - not for getting huge, just to get fit).

One morning, I woke up with a lot of pain in my neck (stiffness) and it evolved to arm pain.

There's two points of pain on my back: behind scapula (serratus posterior superior) and other right above arm pit. This diagram clearly shows how my pain is distributed:
(I'm trying to paste a diagram of my pain, drawed over a upper body drawing. It's seems I can't past images, forum policy).
Well, I will describe it:

It starts under the left scapula (I have to stretch my arm to reach this point, in Serratus superior posterior). This pain goes through the left elbow, top of forearm, outer part of my palm. On my fingers, I can notice a shake and very discrete sensation (not numbness, maybe a little bit of that sensation associated with pins and needles, but very mild).

This diagram (the one I could not post in here) made me to believe that my pain is not originated by my previous hernyation, but a new and different problem, involving ONLY the serratus muscle...

BUT, with my history of hernya, I'm divided by these two hypotesis.

No matter which is the cause, will the PDF exercises help me heal my problem (which is punishing me for 3 months already)?

I have already bought the book, and tried all exercises once. So far, so good. Im feeling better even after one session. I hope this will improve even more and more...

Has anyone here with exactly same very problem as me, and how was your path to overcome it?

Thanks everyone.


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