noobie just happy to meet others in a bad situation..

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noobie just happy to meet others in a bad situation..

Post by srossnz » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:25 pm

Hi All,

I'm 36male with issues mid to upper back. I had an injury at the gym about 8yrs ago and back was never the same after that. It would spaz and go out on me 1-2 times a year but always work itself out. I had a bad episode about 8months ago, spent 2 months before it felt better. After that I was going to the gym 5 days a week and really feeling fantastic. Then one morning I wake up at 4am in a lot of pain, next 3 mornings the same thing. I figured our old bed wore out so got a new bed, no change after several days. So I went to my GP and got referred to x-rays and specialist. Specialist flipped through the xrays and was a bit 'meh, don't see enough information here you need a bonescan and mri come back in may after that.', so I get a bonescan and my GP saw the slides and said the situation looked grim, osteoarthritis in my spine.. other bones were 'clear' looking but most of my spine was black. I was ordered to not do any load/gravity bearing exercises and to stick to the lap pool for exercise. This was a huge blow as I enjoy fitness am 5-11 170lbs no body fat. So I slip into depression for a couple weeks, I got no sleep other than broken sleep and lots of pain after 3am. I decided to start trying to help myself so began a lot of researching. 1st thing that helped was a contoured memory foam pillow and a pillow between my legs, sleeping on my side slightly curled up. That method soon had me sleeping till about 6 and waking up very sore but not waking up because I was sore. I bought a teeter inversion table and have now been using it 2 weeks, just 30degree incline 5mins 2x a day since I am trying to build up slowly. It seems to help. I had my MRI and have the CD from them but I don't know what the images show and have to wait until may 3rd to see the specialist again. From what I can see the discs in the thoracic area where my pain is seem thin, maybe 2 of them slightly herniated. I think I have problems with my facet joints maybe hitting and causing pain. I had a few good days recently but today is very bad, having trouble sitting here to type this. I have a very good chair and ergonomic desk at least. I am now living in a mix of depression, hope, supplement research, etc. I'm sure many of you have been there. I am now taking:

calcium + d3 + k1
400mg x6 Genecol collagen
tried MSM but it doesn't seem to agree with me
Boswellia extract
omega oils
green tea extract
i got some pycnogenol which is another extract but it's too expensive so will just try boswellia

I've gone off dairy, now on soy milk and removed bad fats and sugar as well.. my wife is a great vegetarian cook so I eat quite well.

I know all the steps I am taking are therapies that take 3 months to start getting results. I should know more may3rd. I am going to keep browsing this site, looks to be some good info here.

Trying not to lose my mind,

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