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Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:24 pm
by browalt
Help! I've been in pain since January 2009. I had been pain free with good range of motion after seeing chiropractor for treatment of stiff and painful neck. He performed miracles and had my neck in the best condition. One day I woke up and had a pain (ache) in right upper a little kink. Anyway, after two MRI's and a year's worth of treatment and physical therapy no improvement...actually it's worse. I have pain on right side which sometimes shoots up into my head...pain in my right ear and face. Tingling down right arm. Cannot tilt head back without pain and dizziness. The most recent MRI showed retrolisthesis and disc narrowing at C5-C-6. Also mild disc osteophyte complex/disc uncovering with mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis. Effacement of some of the anterior CSF signal without significant overall spinal canal stenosis. Also circumferential annular bulge spondylosis indenting the thecal sac by 2-3 mm and creating neural foraminal narrowing combined with facet arthropathy.

My chiropractor says this means disc is degenerated and bulging out the back and the C-5 vertibra has moved back out of normal position. He says when I tilt my head back the C-5 is pinching the disc and nerves and possibly blood vessels in the area. He says it will never be corrected without surgery to move the C-5 back into alignment and brace with plate and screws.

He has recommended cervical traction and said I could buy my own at-home traction. Has anyone else worked with a condition like mine. I do not want to remain in pain for the rest of my life. Help.