does Dean's plan help with thoracic pain?

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does Dean's plan help with thoracic pain?

Post by sanguine.soul » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:39 am

I have had upper back pain for years, varying intensity but problematic/distracting most days. Heat helps but NSAIDS and TENS did not. Epidural steroid injections provided a few days-2 weeks of relief but no long term benefit (series of 3 shots over 3 months.) Doctor suggested disc decompression therapy but I knew before I got here that it's worthless. Chiropractor, surprise, no help. Tramadol helps but then of course I have the usual opiate side effects; not a good long term option.

I've made the rounds to rheumatologists, neurologist, physiatrist, orthopod, pain management doc, physical therapists. MRIs confirm I have 4 mid-thoracic discs with mild herniation & degeneration.

I don't have any precursor events (accident/injury) that contributed to my pain, that I know of. I had two auto accidents, a head-on impact in 1992 and a side-impact in 2003. The pain started to feel intrusive in 2006.

I'm a 37 y.o. female with periods of activity and inactivity in my adult life, weight up & down in the 140-170 range at 5'8". I have a desk job. Back hurts most after long periods of sitting or standing bent-over (i.e. washing dishes at the sink.) It seems to disappear if I'm active. I was a consistent runner for many years but slacked off in the past few, not due to the pain but competing life priorities.

I also have lumbar pain which goes into the buttocks. I believe it may be SIJ related but so far no medical professional believes/confirmed this. I do have rather severe degeneration in L5-S1 and a good start on L4-L5.

Sorry so long. Will the info in Dean's book help me obtain relief?

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