Bad experience with DRX9000-advice? Afraid of surgery...

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Bad experience with DRX9000-advice? Afraid of surgery...

Post by Irresistablygraced » Sun Mar 01, 2009 8:28 pm

Hi... I'm new to this forum and am thankful for a place to learn and be encouraged by others who are walking this same road of back pain. My troubles started 19 years ago and just keep getting worse. Now I'm looking at DDD, arthritis, 4 herniated disks ( 2 cervical, 1 thoracic, 1 lumbar), and a possible hemangioma in my neck@ C3. I've had a barrage of MRI's & xrays. Unfortunately after months of PT, years of cortisone & pain meds, I got frustrated with docs not helping me and went to a chiro. Big mistake. He totally misdiagnosed me (i read the radiology reports when i got home and literally thought he must have read someone else's) and put me on a DRX9000 for 28 min. When he brought me down, my legs nearly buckled the pain was so bad. It's been 3 weeks and I'm so much worse than when I went to him. I think that machine pulled my herniations out further instead of "sucking them back in" as he claimed it would. I'm afraid he's hurt me worse. I'm seeing a neurosurgeon on Tuesday. I'm afraid he'll want to cut me eventhough he's known to be very conservative. I'm only 35. I'm usually very active in spite of constant pain. This has me down for the count and honestly depressed about what the future may hold. Any advice is appreciated.

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Post by randolph 2 » Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:41 am

Hello IrresistablyGraced

Sorry that you ran into an incompetent DC; some aren't smart enough to know when they're not competent enough to adequately diagnose and should refer to another doc. Thankfully, as bad as the pain is that you received from the DC's "treatments", recovery is still possible, if not probable. At your age, most likely your body is working hard to heal the nerve damage you suffered from the DC .

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my Merck manual says most hemangiomas are benign tumors and surgery on them is almost always successful. Surgery on the tumor may be critically necessary, and could lessen your pain. Is the tumor relatively new; or rather old and just discovered and possibly an underlying cause for some of your chronic pain? Apparently, some grow very slowly ... so the recent discovery of the tumor may be good news.

Have you checked out the exercizes and pain management techniques in Dean's books to compare with the PT you've received? Maybe there's something there that might help?

Be sure to speak with your nuerosurgeon (and any other doc, for that matter) about all the various treatment options, and likelihoods of favorable outcomes, available to your condition. It's natural for docs to favor certain treatments, but the best docs educate their patients on all the viable treatment options, and let the patient decide from among the options, even if it means the patient decides to employ a different doc. Avoid docs that rush you to utilize them or imply you're an idiot to get a second opinion.


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