Beginner saying hi and looking for tips

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Beginner saying hi and looking for tips

Post by MJ_SG » Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:59 am


I'm from Singapore (if anyone has trouble finding it, its a small dot on in Southeast Asia). I started with a dull pain in my left butt cheek 6 months back which eventuallylanded me in a hospital bed for a week. I have been through micro lumbar surgery and countless trips to the chiropractor/physiotherapist/acupunturists.

With my desk job, the dull pain has recently started to come back, and I'm really worried that I will suffer a relaspe. Plus, the weekly visits to my therapists are getting increasingly useless

I was trawling through the net and I found this forum where it appears that everyone here can really understand how painful/miserable a herinated disc can be. I've been teased for being literally spineless, and friends around me can't seem to understand the misery of having a chronic pain syndrome. Its nice to know that you not alone in fighting this problem.

I've just got a copy of RYB, and I guess I will be trying out the exercises, hopefully i can ditch my useless therapists soon.

So anyone with tips for a beginner fresh out of surgery (2 months)??

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