weight training/support belt

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weight training/support belt

Post by jax » Thu Nov 06, 2008 2:44 pm

Hi all, I have lower back pain. Its been an on going issues for years, I do something that triggers it, then it kinda heels and its okay for several months and then I do something to trigger it again. The doctor reckons its prob a mix of wear and tear on the discs, week stomach muscles and really tight back muscles. Its been okay for several months (try not to do high impact stuff) but at the gym about 3 weeks ago I was doing a shoulder press exercise and I could feel the weight pressing down on my spine so I stopped that, but then after that I did the seat row weight machine and I felt something pop or pull and then I was in pain. After that I was in pain for about 4-5 days, first 2-3 days even ached trying to stand upright and I could feel each step like I had nothing cushioning the impact. Since then its a lot better and I'm walking fine, but depending on how I sit, I'm still getting the some ache, but not the impact type .. more just an dull ache. I bought RYB several months ago .. although because the pain wasn't a big issue then I kinda never really bothered with it. Now the pain is back, I'm trying to do the exercises to strenghen and repair things.

Anyway, after the intro above, I wanted to ask about weight lifting/support belts. Its been over 3 weeks since i've been to the gym and I want to get back .. I'm not planning on going crazy, but I would like to get working out again. What I want to know is should I buy myself a weight lifting/support belt help to support my back? Normally these are used for guys lifting serious weight, but I was wondering whether it might be helpful to protect my back when its still getting stronger and healing?

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Post by imprezive » Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:44 pm

I am by no means and expert, but I've faced a similar problem and the research I've done has shown that the belt gives a false sense of security and your better off in the long run just keeping your abs flexed and holding your breath while you perform lifts. The belt basically keeps your insides tight against the inward side of your spine. Flexing and holding your breath does the same thing.

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