Decompression options

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Decompression options

Post by rkochis » Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:47 pm

I have had consultations with three chiroprators (referred by GP). All three have recommended decompression therapy to relieve pain caused by herniation and bulging (L4, L5) as determined by an MRI. In addition, there is scoliosis and short leg (1/2" confirmed by xrays). The costs are approximately 100.00 per visit and are not covered by my insurance. Recommended visits ranged from 20-40. Total cost 2,000.00 to 4500.00.

During my visits, I asked many questions about the decompression equipment used in the therapy and performed extensive internet research. My conclusion was that I could build something myself that would do the same thing..that is...using "traction" to stretch the lower back to open up the canals and reduce nerve inflammation.

I am pleased to tell you that I used "stuff" I had lying around the house successfully. I have used it every day for approx 10 minutes for 7 days.
I have added heel lifts to my short leg. The pain is reduced considerably.
My belief is that adding both strengthening and stretching programs to my home-made decompression equipment will resolve my issues permanently.
Anyone interested in how I built it may contact me using the email address posted on this site.

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