Tbone stop waisting your time with prolotherapy

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Tbone stop waisting your time with prolotherapy

Post by yannick35 » Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:09 pm

I dont know who treats you and what advise they give you but man its hard to feel sorry for you when you just go out and blow off playing competive tennis and xtreme sports.

Do you realize that you are the cause of your failure, not the treatment.

I have been told from the start to take it easy while on prolotherapy because the ligament has to repair itself, of course while on prolo you feel no pain because you get injected with an chemical to remove the pain.

Lucky for me each treatment cost between 150$ and 200$ i dont know how much you pay, but be sure that all you put into this up to date has been wasted money.

No treatment will work for that matter if after you feel good you just jump back on the bandwagon and start doing the things you did before injuring yourself that is just running after trouble and worst reinjuring yourself to the point where you will never be pain free.

Prolotherapy alone will never heal anyone, PT and other exercises to stabilize the surrounding muscles must be added, proper rest has well at least 48 hours following injection.

for my part i feel very good started doing stairmaster again only 10 minutes 3 times a week, i am on a 5 weeks spine force treatment now and been told to take it easy again.

Make your choice step back and take the time to heal or just blow your money off like you are doing right now then get back into tennis.

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