Feedback on prolotherapy and personal experience so far

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Feedback on prolotherapy and personal experience so far

Post by yannick35 » Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:51 am

I just got my third treatment with prolotherapy and have to say that there is a lot more involved then the magical treatment you read on the internet.

The first treatment will cause major inflamation the solution used on me was 50% dextrose. After 8 hours i could barely walk Honest, everything came back to normal after 2 days.

The second treatment i was injected a solution with 12% dextrose, my body got used to it right away and i felt almost nothing either in the upper neck region and lower back.

The third treatment the doc increased the dosage to 15% dextrose, again i got a mild inflamation reaction.

There is a lot of information going on the internet about prolotherapy and after 3 treatments people are cured, well that is far from the thruth, i do feel better and feel my lower back stronger then before but i still have upper back pain and lower back pains.

Here is some real information about prolotherapy that i found on the internet.

Note that if you dont work your core muscles to make them stronger prolotherapy will be useless and the pain will come back do to weak muscles, the ligament will get stronger but after a while will be doing both the weak muscles job and the ligaments job so it will re-injure itself and become lax again.

It takes a lot of time for a ligament to repair itself this is the main reason why after 3 treamtents the pain rarely goes away, i am talking about 3 straight weeks of treatments, i am going for my 4th treatment on Oct 2.

This time the dosage will have to be a lot more for the irritation to take place, even if i think i wasted 2 treatments the medical doctor says that there is still irritation and tendons and ligaments repair themeselves.

The anesthetic in the solution used during Prolotherapy sessions often provides immediate pain relief. The pain relief may continue, after the effect of the anesthetic subsides, due to the stabilizing of the treated joints because of the inflammation caused by the Prolotherapy injections. This pain relief normally continues for a few weeks after each treatment. Between the second and fourth weeks, the initial stabilization induced by the Prolotherapy subsides, and because the initial growth of ligament tissue is not complete, some of the original pain may return during this "window period" of healing. The patient is typically seen for follow-up four to six weeks after the treatment so progress can be accurately assessed, avoiding evaluation during the "window period." Prolotherapy is performed every four to six weeks because most ligaments and tendons heal over this time frame.

As the healing progresses, the number of injections required per treatment usually decreases. The pain generally continues to diminish with each treatment until it is completely eliminated, often after four to eight sessions. In some cases, athletes or other chronic pain patients will not experience pain relief after their first or second Prolotherapy treatment. This does not necessarily mean that the therapy is not working, but rather it is an indication that the ligaments and tendons are not yet strong enough to stabilize the joints. The amount of collagen growth required for stabilization of the joint is different for each person. A patient who experiences pain relief at rest, but not during activity requires further treatment to strengthen the area. If Prolotherapy treatments are continued, there is an excellent chance of achieving total pain relief with the resumption of all previous activities, including athletics. For the rare person who feels no relief with the third treatment, we do a nutritional assessment to see if there is something impairing the healing process. Some people want to do all of this on the first visit, which is often ideal because all aspects of healing can be initially addressed. Remember that Prolotherapy starts the healing process, the body grows the stronger tissue. The healthier the person, the more the tissue will be stimulated to grow with each treatment. If a person has a depressed immune system because of hormonal problems, nutritional deficiencies, or other medical problems (e.g., diabetes, etc.), these will decrease the body's ability to heal. Smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol have the same effect. This is where techniques like diet typing, nutritional counseling, and overall natural medicine care are encouraged.


That is the best information i found on the internet about prolotherapy, i still have 3 treatments to go with the spineforce machine added has of next treatment.

I am still doing the RYB daily and still feels good doing it.


Post by TBone » Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:58 am

Hey Yannick,

Just wondering how you are doing after treatment 4. I remember getting treated with prolotherapy every 4 to 6 weeks, but it sounds like you are getting treated every 2 weeks.

I had a prolotherapist who used a formula called P2G which is one of the stronger solutions. I am considering going back to him in the near future because I just can't seem to get over the hump.

I am working with a good PT, but recently, I had another setback. I was feeling great on Oct 3, so she amped up our session, adding more weight to certain exercises and adding a couple of new exercises. I felt fine afterwards until later that night while lying in bed, I stretched my back similar to the cat/camel stretch, and I felt a fairly big twinge. It was very sore on Saturday and Sunday and it is still sore today (Monday). I can't do the Cobra, well, I can go up onto my elbows.

It is so frustrating. The only good thing is that I seem to be able to sit without pain and I don't have any increased sciatica. I can also walk without pain and my hamstrings are not overly tight. It is probably just a muscle strain, but I am getting fed up. I woke up at 2 am last night and went downstairs to cry and I couldn't even do that. I have had so many setbacks that I am almost numb to how miserable I am.

I really don't know what to do now. I have followed her instructions to the letter and I am still only able to get so far. I guess I'll just keep trying to rehab...what else can I do?

Sorry for the rant,

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Post by yannick35 » Tue Oct 07, 2008 5:58 pm

Rant? what rant you know that coming from someone with back pain its never a rant when we talk about our pain.

I am sorry to hear that all this **** is going on with your pain.

In order to help you i really need a bit more feedback on your case, i am not an expert but if i can at least guide you i will have done my part in all of this.

What is your problem exactly? degenerative disk disease, hernia, muscle spasm, lax ligaments?

I just finish prolotherapy today got 5 treatments in 5 weeks mainly 15% dextose, with some xylocaine and zeel, doc told me its the germain mixture.

My ligaments are fixed has i have been told, i still feel some pain tough but its posture related. Doc send me on the spine force machine says its the last step i have to take and that many chronic pain patience finish it off with this.

I will have to see i am starting a 6 sessions next week twice per week.

Maybe your PT is pushing you to far to fast, i have been with many PT that where not very good and doing that, i ended up behing more hurt then good.

Has for me i never got to the point of not being able to do the cobra or any other RYB exercise.

I really have to know your story T-bone before i go further to try and help you out.

Good luck bro

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