Latest fitness test a success

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Peter B
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Latest fitness test a success

Post by Peter B » Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:35 am

Hello all,

Just thought I'd pass along an update on my recovery. I went back to work four weeks ago...full duties as a Police Detective. I had to go in for our annual fitness test yesterday. I'm happy to report that after working hard at the RYB program (supplemented with lots of walking) I equalled or bettered my test from last year despite suffering a severe L5-S1 herniation in May of this year. I tried a new test our fitness director has implemented that tests core strength. After I was done, he said I scored higher than anyone he's ever tested. He told me my core strength was probably the main reason I'd been able to recover from my back injury so quickly. I believe it was a combination of everything in the RYB program that did the trick.

I still have a bit of tingling down my right leg and into my serves as a reminder that I can't let up on the exercises. Every day I feel a little bit stronger, however. I look forward to the day when my injury is just a bad memory. Having said that, I'm a lifer now for the stretching and core exercises that have got me this far.

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Re: Latest fitness test a success

Post by xyamir » Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:11 am

congratulations pete!

that is a big accomplishment coming from a dropped leg. i read your past post and it gave me renewed motivation to do the RYB more frequently.
i have been doing it only twice a week and results are ok but not great as i still have back issues. my biggest reason is lack of time but i think it is more lack of motivation and structure when it comes to the exercises.
i can do the more advanced exercises but i am always unsure if i am supposed to do them all or just a few or everyday or every other day, etc...
this lack of knowledge and motivation kept me to just the basics plus a few advanced exercises twice a week (lame excuse i know).

after reading your posts and some of the others i think i can now safely do all the exercises in the book regardless of time (2 hrs a day?) as long as it is not painful.

i would like to know more about your daily/weekly routine as far as RYB goes and maybe some other exercises that you incorporated (swimming, hindu thing i read about, yoga, etc..).

my goal is to be fit again.

thank you.


Peter B
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Post by Peter B » Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:15 pm

Hi Xyamir,

Well, my weekly routine goes something like this:

Every day, I do the basic cobra exercises, followed by the hip shrugs and the decompression squats. During the course of the day, I'll usually do a forward bend three or four times to loosen up my hamstrings and I'll also do the squat if I'm sitting in front of a computer a lot.

Three times a week, I go to the gym. I'll start out with 20 mins on the elliptical or step-climber, then go into a core routine after doing the cobra stretch. I try to keep my heart rate up for the entire workout, so I don't take more than 15 secs to rest between exercises. I alternate between core exercises, back exercises, and variations on pushup, including the hindu pushups I wrote about earlier. After approximately 15 min of core, I move on to either the kettle balls, which I find are fantastic for core strength and leg conditioning, or hindu squats. I'll finish with more stretches. The whole routine takes 45-60 mins depending on how long I can keep it up, and like I said before, it's a great cardio as well as strength workout because I don't rest much between sets.

On days off from the gym, I try to go for at least one 20 min walk a day...preferably more than one if I can squeeze it in.

I like the idea of mixing things up to challenge myself, but I'm also cautious not to push things so hard that I might injure myself. The only weights I lift are the kettle balls...aside from that, body weight works fine for strength training.

Keep at it...don't ever give up. The only symptoms I have left after six months of hard work is some tingling in my right foot and shin from time to time. The strength is back to normal, and I really don't have any pain in my back anymore aside from a bit of stiffness if I push the workout.

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