Inflamation/Rebuild next step

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Inflamation/Rebuild next step

Post by bobbyd » Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:16 pm

Hi all :lol:

I have had back pain for the last 20 years and am currently 47 (male).

The last 10 years have been much worst with the last 2 the very worst. I am to the point where walking around the block is a good day. Before this I was able to golf exercise workout etc. with very few flare up(down in bed for 3 days with 3 total weeks to be somewhat normal) maybe several per year.

I did downloaded the book several month ago and must say many thanks since the exercises surley helped, I think....

My issue is that I have been taking Celedrex (high octane NSAID) for the last 4 years at 400 m per day which is the maximum.

I have got the MRI's and CT's to veryify discs s1 to L3 are ugly, herniated loss of hieght etc..

Just prior to getting the book a specialist put me on Tramacet (high octane pain killer) to get me back on track since the last 6 months have been absolute worse. So I took the Tramacet and did the exercise and felt great until 2 weeks ago where (in my feeling good) did some swimming that was to aggresive and now have been down for the last week.

My problem always seems to be inflamtion even when feeling good. If I slightly over do it pain isn't usually the problem but inflamation in the next 24 hours is bad and can take me down.

I admit that the exercices are great and the complete concept is bang on. :D Again many thanks.

I think the exercises need to come with a warning like :idea: .." You might feel better but you are 6 month off from being better"... based on other posts I have read.

I was amazed at the flexibility I got back in my spine in such a short time.

Currently I am taking the 400m of celebrex and dearly want to get off completely but don't know how. I also use trameel which is a natural anti inflamitory. I am also taking a mixture from the same company Heel of Geramny that is to help repair damaged disc. I live in Canada so the noraml course for Doctors here is to push medication. Dr.'s seem to be paid by big pharma. Both product from Heel are natural.

The exercise brought new hope but here I am"staring at the ceiling".. with my back out. Ice paks and heating pads abound. :cry:

When I was feeling better I was on laying flat 10 minutes of every hour of the day to limit inflamation which worked well.

Any insight to limiting inflamation and becoming drug free would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks in advance.

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You have to be patient with the exercises

Post by yannick35 » Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:53 pm

I know its hard and i do understand your pain.

Sadly there is no time frame for theses exercises, and many times they will releive you of a back spasm but the underlying issue might remain.

I have lax ligaments and am going in prolotherapy, the medical doctor i am seeing told me that its possible to rehydrate the disks, same has Dean says in the book.

I have seen some studies with MRI before after and glucosamine complex you need to take it for 2 years but the results where very positive, if it doesnt rehydrate the disk at least it does stop its degeneration.

Another supplument is started using is genacol, this is collagen supplement the internal disk are made of 67% of collagen compared to 1% of glucosamine.

All of this can make a big difference, and depending on where you are in the exercises.

I am in the advance level and building a strong muscular structure in the pelvic region. Strong muscles and strong ligaments can support the lower back and minimise the pain.

I wish you luck in your recovery, its quit sad that i cannot give you a time frame on this.

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Re: Inflamation/Rebuild next step

Post by joeridebon » Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:41 pm


same story here.
I am 45 and also suffering since +15 years with lower back problems (inflammation)
Sometimes all goes well , but if I do a little bot too much (normal for other people) , my back gets inflamed.

So just discovered this site and downloaded the book RYB .
Will start soon with the exercises.

Bobby, Yannick
If you are still on this forum , how is your back now ? After all this years ?

Of course other people , practising these exercises for several years may also give feedback

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