Here is the very positive feedback i am talking about

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Here is the very positive feedback i am talking about

Post by yannick35 » Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:04 pm

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 2:18 am Post subject: prolotherapy - I started a course of treatment nov 2005. Reply with quote


Hello- this is long answer but I hope you will find it worth reading and helpful !

In response to anyone asking about experience with prolotherapy.

yes I have !

I had a chronic lower back problem(which was basically slack SI ligaments and lumbar ligaments on lower right side...very common indeed) which I had been having treatment from 2 osteopaths for which would not heal - osteopaths who had cured me of all other aches and pains very quickly over the preceding 5 years - I was very confident in these guys so when they couldn't fix me I looked further.

I had xrays and MRIS done so I could see if there were any other reasons for my pain other than lax ligaments - the xrays and mris looked perfect - the traumatologists, osteopaths etc all looked at them and said the same - you look's just a bit of will go away...well after 28 months of NOT going away I was not going to just accept their answers...not just because they had letters after their names and nice white coats...oh no...not me....

I found prolotherapy on the internet and spent 1 year reseearching it every day - I asekd many osteopaths, orthopaedic surgeons - ones who were personal friends AND by going to see specialists at clinics in the UK and Spain and France....nobody that I spoke to had even heard of it !

Well...I can tell you that I wish I had not spent 1 year researching it because I wasted a year of my life by having to tolerate the pain - the prolotherapy was effective very quickly - I wish I had just gone to the doctor I found the first day I read about it !!! BUT...I was lucky....the doctor I saw does nothing but prolotherapy and had had the treatment himself 40 years earlier and as a result studied it and has been a leading practicioner for 35 years - I was lucky to find someone with this experience first time.

I have since learned - through more research and discussions with my doctor - that it is very clear that the success of prolotherapy depends on 3 IMPORTANT THINGS..

1) The skill and experience of the therapist - the therapist needs to be VERY skilled, sensitive and accurate

2) The actual solution the therapist uses - they are NOT all the same - each therapist has his preference - therfore one with more experience can judge what wrosk better.....for example...the solutions used in the US are often NOT as effective as the solution my doctor uses because many doctors are unwilling to use enough of the one of the irritant substances - which also happens to be an antisceptic - because it has in a very small numbers of cases caused temporary but painful side effects - this is apparently very very rare and often due to the inaccuracy of the therapist - as I am informed. The effectiveness of the treatment is clearly
governevd by how much irritant solution is used in each treatment - the more used the quicker and more pronounced the healing BUT there is a limit to how much the body will tolerate - do not forget the healing process is an immune response - prolotherapy provokes an immune response..or it should do if given correctly !

3) ACCURATE diagnosis....I knew what my problem was because I had felt it grow over the years and remember the final injury that provoked this particular injury - I had had lots of treatment with osteos, physios, etc during 15 years of sport - I could feel what the problem was - after a few little injuries you can recognise what type of problem you have. confirm I had the luxury of private health and so i just kept going to see different people - inclusing the main professional winter sports clinic in Barcelona - until I was satisfied I had the info. I went to see the prolotherapist in London with all my mris etc...he just laugheed and said.."I have seen your problem every day of the week for the last 35 years - almost everyone has this problem - I dont need these mris but thanks I will look at them for you...oh i cannot see any problem...well you won't ! The SI ligaments will not show any damage on an MRI..the slightest stretching or damage to these can be very painful but you can't see it. Do you want me to treat you now or do want to mess around for another year ?"

He examined me and clearly demonstrated to me that one side of my pelvis was far more mobile than the previous osteopaths had both diagnosed the same thing - and explained which ligamenst would be treated.... I started there and then...I had far fewer treatments than recommended - I was in the gym within 48 hours...skiing within 2 weeks...I am a ski instructor....I have to travel from Spain to the UK for treatment.

I had 3 treatments between nov 2005 and feb 2006....the problem was 95% resolved by the 3rd treatment...but i should have had a treatment every 3 weeks for about 6 months I would have solved it totally and much quicker..i have since had 5 more sessions between may and oct 2006...the function of the joint was stabilised within 4 weeks of first osteopath in Spain was astonished at the change and increase in stability of the right side....bearing in mind he had treated me for 5 years before and regularly had to realign my pelvis...since prolo he has never had to do that. The mobility/movement in the joints is now almost equal on both sides. That has been confirmed by the 2 osteopaths who are not connected to my prolotherapist - both of whom had seen me with the problem.

The pain had gone almost completely by the 3rd had reduced to about 20% of original pain after the first treatment.

If I had to sum it up...I would say I am now 100% functional and pain free for 90% of the time..before I was in pain 90% of the time.

the other 10% I feel a slight sensation of stiffness - not PAIN - and this continues to reduce and occur less often..even without treatment...however..i stress...I would prefer to have had more treatments close together to be sure of eliminating the problem and strengthening the ligaments as much as possible..I will have another 3 or 4 treatments very close together when i can afford it just so I don;'t have to think about it for another 30 years !!

Is that enough of a postitve vote for prolotherapy when administered correctly and appropriately ????

Good luck...back pain is horrible..and in most cases TOTALLY curable...DO NOT accept back pain advice from doctors who have NOT suffered it themselves !!!! And do not accept it as part of growing old and something you have to live with. Ask your proltherapist lots of long have they been doing it, what solution they use etc....they are not all the same - but when you find the right one - you will be very very happy !

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Post by Flyin Pig » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:14 pm

Hey Yannick,

One of the guys we play tennis with just had a shot of something in his back a couple weeks ago. I wonder if its the same thing. I was told it did good things for him, but I'll find out just what he had done.

I think that my back would have to be really messed up before I'd have anybody stick a needle in it. yeeeeooow!

As it is, I'm feelin' real good.

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Post by yannick35 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:35 am

Flyin Pig wrote:Hey Yannick,

One of the guys we play tennis with just had a shot of something in his back a couple weeks ago. I wonder if its the same thing. I was told it did good things for him, but I'll find out just what he had done.

I think that my back would have to be really messed up before I'd have anybody stick a needle in it. yeeeeooow!

As it is, I'm feelin' real good.
Prolotherapy for me is not to remove the pain but to fix a lax joint that is not getting better with PT, first time i saw the sport medecin he wanted to give me a cortisol shot? i refused my pain is muscle imbalance.

Needle is not stuck in your back its around the ligaments to make them stronger.

I will give you feedback after a few treatments


Post by TBone » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:38 am

Hey Yannick,

I had Prolo treatments when I had my first episode back in 2001. It took a lot of treatments for me to finally feel better...about 11 if I recall.

I originally hurt my back lifting a golf bag out of my trunk, but like an idiot, I decided to play anyway. Then like a huge idiot, I played hockey 2 nights later. Then, like the biggest idiot on the planet, I went to a chiropractor. After about a month of adjustments, I felt good enough to play hockey...and wham, I felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my life that night. This time, I had really messed up my lower back..I could barely walk for about a week.

About 6 months later, my back was just not getting better. It seemed stuck. I found prolotherapy on the web and read more about it. I decided to give it a try. Like I said, it took about 11 treatments for me to finally consider myself healed. I had my first treatment in December of 2002. The last treatment was sometime in the Spring of 2003.

I had a good amount of relief and was able to return to vigorous sports until July 2007 when I hurt myself lifting my 7 year old son off of the couch (he had a broken leg). I tried prolotherapy again from August to November of 2007...about 5 treatments. But, this time, instead of letting the area heal, I kept playing competitive tennis. I was obviously in denial! I even played in a Men's open event in November! Then, on December 3 2007 while playing tennis...wham, that sick awful feeling of my back being torn in half. I decided to stop the prolo...mainly because of the hassle...the prolotherapist was 4 hours away and the cost was over $500 per session.

I found the RYB site in May of this year and I have had good results with it, but it seems like everything else, you have to let the area heal before you try to strengthen it. I recently had a small relapse last week trying to "push" myself too hard with the strengthening exercises. I am fighting some anxiety/depression over it right now. I am not sure which exercise does the damage.

I wish you luck with your prolotherapy. I wish I could give you some good advice, but I seem to keep re-injuring the area, so I don't think my advice is sound!

Good luck,

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Tbone that really sucks

Post by yannick35 » Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:31 pm

You really have to learn to slow down, i have been injured for 8 years nothing major.

I went to see a lot of morons chiros you name it.

I dont have any disk damage DDD or siatica or else.

I know that when i start the treatments i will have to do at least some sort of strenghtening exercises.

RYB is the best thing around for me now, but has i said my snapping hip is not getting better.

I want to get back into kickboxing but will make sure to take it slow not to reinjure myself.

And do a good 6 months of RYB program.

Tbone i am so much like you when i feel better i start boxing and doing things i should not do and bang pain comes back.

Streching is good, strenghtening is also good.

In fact i started in the advance exercices right away with no problem.

For the time being i stopped weight training, i only walk and stick with the RYB.

I life stuff each day at my job monitors and more and my back is not that banged up.

I am sure that prolo will work for me because of ligament imbalance.

Good luck to you Tbone take it easy and thank you very much for sharing your experience with prolotherapy.

Quick note on chiros, they dont know anything about anything and like the book says the adjustments are good and give you very temp relief.

I saw 5 chiros in 8 years i guess you never learn. The last 2 i saw where last year for a year and a half total of treatments.

I wanted to get back into martial arts after a few adjustments i felt good, so i ask the chiro what he thinks and he said sure go ahead. 50$ later and after only one class my pelvic got out of alignement once again.

This is my main issue pelvic not staying aligned and snapping hip joint also neck pain but all of this can be fixed.

I just hope that prolotherapy will really get my ligaments stronger at least the women at the clinic gave me some very positive feedback.

Sport medecin are a lot more careful with there patience and before giving you the green light to start something new they evaluate you on spot at the gym to see how your progress is going.

Has of now nothing beat the RYB and RYN programs they are awsome i do them everyday.

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