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Post by TBone » Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:20 am

Hello all,

I have been doing the rebuild program for a little over 2 months now. About a week or so ago, I felt a small twinge in my lower back while doing the back bends. I feel OK, but I have to admit that I have started to feel some inflammation in my buttocks...basically, it feels a little hot. And the heat seems to continue into the back of my thighs. I am not having trouble sitting, and I have been able to continue the exercises, but my anxiety has increased over the last week. I wanted to be able to continue playing golf this summer, but now I am not sure if that is what might have caused that twinge.

I hate when this happens, because I start to feel like I just threw 2 months away. Also, I am not sure how to proceed. Should I keep doing the advanced exercises or should I back off and just do the beginner exercises again?

I keep trying to calm myself down, but it is not easy. I know I shouldn't panic because the pain is not sharp, but it is also not the typical soreness I had felt after the advanced exercises. Any advice/support from the gurus would really help.



Post by TBone » Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:21 am

It is 1 week later and I am feeling better. Basically, I stopped doing anything for a day or 2 and made sure to ice and heat my back. I am back to doing the basics again for a while until I feel good enough to start the advanced exercises again. I think golf was probably the reason. I always do this...where I feel better and then jump back into activity too soon. Fortunately, this time, the inflammation lasted only a week or so. I will be slowing down and putting the clubs away for now.

Take care,

Flyin Pig
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Post by Flyin Pig » Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:28 pm

Hey TBone,

Sorry guy. All my rantin' and ravin' about all the stuff I've returned to had to be feeding your downturn. Really man, I'm sorry. I better add my own foolishness so no one out there does the same damn thing we've done.

Same activity; golf... a two hour drive and 36 holes Saturday, and 18 Sunday morning and a two hour drive home. If THAT don't sound like dumbass, I'd beg to ask what does. Wife says she could add more and normally she would, but I think she's too embarrased because she knows she's married to a DUMBASS! :?

I didn't feel the twinge, but I'm one sore som-bitch. Just got back to work today (Wednesday). Been icing the lower back every 4 hours or so, and lying on my belly doing the easy (on elbows) cobra in between the icings.

I do feel alot better this evening... but no more golf this year. No more tennis. The next three seasons are devoted soley to rebuilding, period. We shall re-evaluate next summer.

I gotta say though, I was feeling damn near bulletproof. The rebuilding really does work. TBone, you didn't deserve getting reinjured. But I'm glad this happened to me...I needed it. I wish I could have posted this a week earlier. I'm damn fortunate the outcome wasn't any worse.

Lesson learned.


Post by TBone » Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:24 am

Hey Scott,

Your plan sounds smart. Don't beat yourself up over wanting to return to activity...I think it is a very common mistake. I believe that this is why people think that once you hurt your back, you will always have a bad back. They don't give it enough time to heal and they keep reinjuring it. This frustration leads them to give up on rehabilitation or try other alternative methods. Keep in mind that when I say "they", I am including myself! This has been my M.O. for about 38 years!

I know that I was in a big hurry to return to activity. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. It just takes time. I remember when I was 16 and I tore my rotator cuff playing tennis. It took me about 8 months to heal up and rehabilitate so that I could return to tennis. That was when I was 16!

We just have to be patient. This is a process, not a gimmick. The good news is that in a relatively short period of time, I did start to feel better just like you did, Scott. I know for myself now I am looking for other activities and hobbies to keep me occupied. Sports is going to be on the back burner until I am rebuilt. I am not even going to attempt the advanced exercises until my sciatica subsides. It seems to be inching closer each day which is a good sign. I barely notice my right foot tingling anymore.

Another nice benefit of dropping sports from the mental equation is that I haven't thought about my back all that much in the last few days. I have just taken it easy and done the basic exercises. There is a tendency to become obsessed with your back pain and from that comes the anxiety that you can't participate in sports. You have to accept the situation for what it is and let go.

And, Scott, you should not feel responsible at all that you had anything to do with my mini-relapse. And that is all it really was...thank the gods!


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