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Post by Mazz » Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:06 pm

Hi Bill-

I am new to the forum but not back pain. In 1986 had LBP and calf pain from a torque injury playing college football. 21 dr's, PT's, chiro's, MRI's, neuro's, EMG's, CT scans, epidurals can not relieve my calf pain. Finally operated on and remove a cyst against my sciatic nerve anterior at L-5 S-1.....15 months post surgery calf pain is gone. Stays gone for 14 years. I am a former power athlete and fighter......In shape I am 5'10" 202 pounds......

3.5 years ago I was out of 235 pounds and lifting and throwing logs....then the dreaded pop. For some reason i dreaded the return of calf pain and it was back with a vengance. Also had pain at the SI joint. Went to Dr. and MRI came back normal. No scar tissue, no disc problems, great spacing, etc. Diagnosed as sprain/strain and go to PT.

Therapist puts me on the reformer (pilates) and all this does it hurt me more.....I get discharged 8 weeks later and pain is at a 8. Chiro does nothing. I have a massage and I get a reprieve for a day at a time. Then I notice that I am so tight everywhere....quads especially, low ab pain (psoas), QL pain, IT band pain....(all can barely be touched without me jumping). I read up on things and the best thing i read is that I have lower crossed syndrome. I have virtually NO TVA strength, overly strong quads, weak hammies. I now have a gut and it appears excessive lordosis.

Last year I hooked on with a CHEK practitioner and NMT. My pain has been reduced to about a 2-3 most days....and a flare up once a month. After reading up on SI joints I realized my pseudo-sciatica is coming from that and my pelvis being tilted dramatically forward. My CHEK man checked it out and there is a binding and leg shortness. I really feel now I am on my way. I am now 250 pounds and HAVE to get rid of my gut. It seems to be pulling everything forward. My TVA is much stronger as my multifidus is as well. I am going to buy the BP cuff since my CHEK man gave me that excercise as well. I feel if i can get down to 210 pounds i will be free of pain. I have eaten for comfort and find myself in this place now. I am doing 60 minutes on elliptical and do circuit type weights. Should i lay off all weight training and just do pushups and planks and other swiss ball activities?

Sorry for being so wordy, but the last 4 months have been my first repreive from pain and it has exhausted me.

Thank you in advance. I downloaded the excerciese from DonTigny. I did them 1 night and felt UNLOCKED if that makes sense. I still get a calf pain every few days when i overdo it.

Is extra weight that big a contributor for someone like me? I believe i know the answer.

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