X-Ray results

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X-Ray results

Post by Chris_S » Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:32 pm

Hey Everyone, newbie here

Sorry this post may get long. I really like the rebuild you back concept and am going to get the book when I get home tonight.

Here's my story, have had low back pain for years. It flares here and again in the same spot but mostly has just been annoying. The bad spot is a really specific spot on my right side at the top of where my Sacrum meets my Illium I think is what it is called. I never get butt pain or anything down the leg but when it is flared up it is hard to move at all although sitting never seems to be a problem. The only referred pain seems to wrap around the top of my hip. I have had X-rays over the years but nothing ever came back unusual until now.

As of this last flare up and X-Ray the doc thinks I have all sorts of Rhemotalogic conditions because in someone my age, (35) they usually don't see degenration in the discs of the sacrum. The X-ray also showed that my L4 and L5 had some arthritic changes around the edges of the vertebrae. All that is well and good but my pain really isnt in those spots so I was ok with the X-Rays showing what they did til they told me I could have something called Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a rheumotalogic condition that can have the effect of having your vertebrae fuse and lock up on you. Now my back may be messed up from looking at the x-rays but I have good range of motion all over. I only dont move well when that one spot is in sharp pain. I read up on the other symptoms and they follow in line with things line Rheumotoid Arthritis. I have none of those symptoms so they are basing this diagnonsis from the X-Ray alone..

I did take some blood test for this and am seeing a rhemotologist in two months but this is drinving me nuts. I dont want my back to freeze up for good on me, (obviously),but this does not sound like what I have at all. I am going to work through the program in the book and see if that helps the problem

I am not expecting anyone here to give me a diagnosis but since I see metnions of healing disc's and X-Rays and MRI's that are wrong. Did anyone ever get an opionion like this that seems totally against what you believe your symptoms are?

I think I have osteo arthritis in those discs but that my issues are more ligament and muscle inbalance related.....If I do have this other condition I think the program will still help me, but the idea that I have it seems so out of left field to me

Thanks for listening and maybe responding


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