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Post by gaa » Tue Nov 20, 2007 11:35 pm

Hi, I am new to this forum, but am dire for answers to the problem my girlfriend is having. She has real bad spinal stenosis. She has a hard time doing anything. She has seen a chiro and PT for about a year. I have seen no improvement. She has had mri's and all that confirming her condition. She has had two cortisone shots. She is on straight vicodin and according to her the next step with meds is morphine (though I am not sure she is correct on this). She is allways lying on the floor doing exercises as she can.

She has met with a surgeon who has said whe will have to have surgery within a couple years. Tommorow she is going to a DRX9000 place. I am kinda freaked out about her even trying this given how bad her back is. I can't tell her not to...she wants to try anything before she tries surgery.

She I tell her not to try this? I don't think I could successfully anyway. But I would DEARLY appreciate any advice on what to try next. Her stenosis is horrible.

Thank you, Greg

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Post by Steven » Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:00 pm

Hi greg,

Spinal stenosis (as I'm sure you know) is narrowing of the spinal canal. The only way to correct it is through surgery. The orthopedic surgeon will do what is called a laminectomy and then surgically remove the bone growth that is crowding the spinal cord.

There is no other way to solve the stenosis problem.

However, many people have spinal stenosis and do not have back pain. For this reason, it is worth the effort to try rebuilding your back first, before you go the surgery route. If other people are walking around with stenosis and are pain free, there is a good chance that you can resolve the problem through a good physical therapy program. (Emphasis here is on a GOOD physical therapy program.)

I recommend you try Dean's book, Rebuild Your Back if you haven't already. It's not the only PT program out there and it is not a magic cure, but it is the most comprehensive rehab program you're probably going to find.

If rehab doesn't work, then surgery is far less risky than those highly addictive drugs you mentioned.

Here's a good article you should read for more info:
Abnormalities are Normal.

Let us know what you find out,

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