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central canal stenosi

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:49 pm
by fortyrounds
Hello all i just found this website today in the process of buying the book i was wondering if the book can help w my prob which is central canal stenosis i am very healthy otherwise i hurt my back in the army excuse my penmanship anyway i came home got better had an mri everything is minor as far as the stenosis i had a relapse and i went to see a chiropractor and at first it seemed to work but after awhile i started to get the feeling that maybe this guy was just guessing long story short my back really hurts now after the last visit is it poss that he actually made it worse because thats what it feels like i am very glad i found this site because i always had a feeling that it just wasent right he was always trying to convince me and from my experience other md docs dont do that lol by the way chiropractors arent recognized in the army as a science so that should have told me something what can i say i was under his spell now im not i hope its not to late for me to rebuild my back i would appreciate any input sorry but it feels good to get this all out with people who understand my pain ok have a good day Wess

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2007 9:12 pm
by randolph
Hi Wess

You've given us a lot of info, so please help me unravel the time-line on the various events in your back's history.

What was the initial back injury in the military, and when?

What did docs do for you after that first injury?

When did you have the MRI? What did docs think it revealed for reasons for the stenosis (Osteroporisis? Tumors? Bone growth from previous injury?)?

What were your symptoms of that relapse, before your visits to the chiropractor? What are they now?

My initial impression (mostly based on your report that the MRI revealed only minor problems, and the fact that DCs, while they can hurt your lower back, usually don't do permanent damage when they do) is that RYB physical therapy might help.



Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 10:14 am
by fortyrounds
Well they told me it was disc buldge or rupture at l/5-s/1 and a couple other isues as far as small buldges everything else was normal i di it by doing training exersizes w full gear running up a hill when it first happened the pain was so bad i couldnt walk from pain in foot and leg but it got better after a week to where i could walk and it just progressivly got better over time i did it almost a year ago to date but i think it was ready to go anyway cause i was a weightlifter all my life construction so im sure it was already in bad shape so over this last year it just got better i started working out but i started school 3 wks ago and have been sitting and stopped exersizing :( and what do ya know it started hurting thats when i went back to chiro and now i am back to the pain and basicaly feel very fragile down there after the adjustment but i tell ya this book gives me some hope i havent recieved it yet but i know my body will respond to it the hard part for me is to stay away from the gym for now lol oh yea the docs gave me the typical pain meds and muscle relaxers and they at least calmed me down and some very basic pt they wanted to do surgery and keep me in svs but i would never let army docs start cutting on me ya know plus im glad i refused cause it wasnt ness and who knows i could be in Iraq now w a bad back lol lastly ya know when you injure youre sciatic no pain meds really help until it decides to calm down well i hope i answered youre?s i suck at typing so please forgive anyway thank you very much for youre comments Wess