Lower back/pelvic pain help!!!

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Lower back/pelvic pain help!!!

Post by Billy172 » Sun Sep 02, 2007 4:49 am

Hello my name is Billy, I am 20. I hurt myself lower back/ butt area about 9 months ago. Two seperate accidents occured. First I fell straight on my sacrum/butt area from about 6-7 feet in the air onto concrete playing basketball. The pain lasted for about two weeks and went away. About a month later I was squatting weight. It was not that heavy, I could rep it out. I all of a sudden felt this pain in my lower back(sacrum area) It was not debilitating I just thought it was a pulled muscle. Well the nagging pain never went away and can still bother me to this day. Had mri it showed small disc bulge which I hear is normal in athletes. I play lots of sports. X-ray negative, CAT all negative. Docs said it looked good and will get better with time. My pain is isolated to my left side of my lower back/pelvic. No pain in lower extremeties.It seems to be influenced by movement of my left leg or shifting weight from one side to the other. For example getting out of bed. I will have my left knee on my bed and reach for the ground with my right leg, this will produce pain, but not always.I can feel great some days and others not. I can bend over good, run and jump. Side to side or pelvic movement is a no no, it will bring back pain. I have super tight hamstrings, and my left buttock/hip area tighten up alote. For some reason it seems like no matter how much I stretch my hams they don't get loose, just tighter. Sounds weird but I feel best after a long day of standing. Sitting and laying around will make it feel worse.Any idea on what this could be. Sorry for the long post.

Thanks, Billy

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Post by randolph » Sun Sep 02, 2007 6:45 am

Hello Billy

Sounds like you were fortunate enough to consult a good doc and get plenty of competent diagnostic testing; what did the doc call your collection of symptoms?

Sounds like sciatica (to my under-educated brain, after reading your summary of your symptoms...) which will indeed improve with time ... if by "time" you mean, cutting back on the weight-training, and dives onto concrete, and beginning physical therapy (PT) you can do at home, to rebuild your back. Tight hammies and tight piriformis muscles in your butt are very common with sciatica; eventually they can regain their flexibility, though, right now, they feel like concrete.

You can find out about some good PT for sciatica by downloading Dean's RYB e-book, and reading his articles listed on the Homepage. It would certainly be wise to talk with your doc to make sure nothing about your condition contra-indicates doing the RYB program.

RYB is not a quick fix, compared to more aggressive medical therapies available today, but it is very reliable for most folks with sciatica symptoms, and inexpensive (for some of us, it is our only option). At your age and fitness level, I would think healing of your compromised nerve(s) should be relatively quick compared to oldsters like me (54) who take 6 months to a year to regain normal function.

Feel free to ask more questions. All this pain and disability feels very unusual and weird to you right now, but there's a lot of knowledge out there (and here) that can be of a help to you (but watch out: there are a lot of folks out there preying on folks in pain).


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