cortisone--does it work

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cortisone--does it work

Post by sjaltman » Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:56 pm

what are people's expereiences with cortisone injections for herniated discs. i have one b'w L4 and L5
my update:
tried phys. therapy, dean's exercises, oral steroid, spinal decomp. (13 sessions), chiro, acupunture, massage. 7 ms. no noticible sustained improvement. and more and more things became impossible to do (in terms of stretching/exercise)
all there is left is injection or surgery.
i can't sit without severe discomfort so i am having a hard time getting by in life.
i am looking into microsurgery and such.
this is just a nightmare. am probably going back east to live w/ parents. everything aggravates it now, even swimming!
also have cervicle/spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel, pinched nerve, patellofemoral pain syndrome--all since this back problem before that i had not one problem... and i'm 27.... input? experiences?

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Post by randolph » Wed Dec 13, 2006 6:19 pm


Hopefully, MJ and Ken will review their experiences with cortisone epidurals. MJ's injections were ineffective, then did microdiscectomy, which was also largely ineffective. Ken's injections, on the other hand, were very effective.

Lots of research on microdiscectomies at Lots of real life experiences from those who've received epidurals and microdiscectomies at

I really do hope that the epidurals work for you, if you opt for them ... but whatever you next do, I hope you get some pain relief and healing.


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