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Post by SeafordMdf » Tue Jun 19, 2007 9:01 am

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the kind words :)

I've not been around the forums for well over 6 Months .

I've finally found work after nearly 2 Years of Unemployment :)

Interestingly & by sheer chance it is in the Health Care industry , Nothing to do with Back , Neck , Leg or anything similar !

Just a Technical job within the Hearing Industry .

Hmm , I've still got back pain , But it's too the point that I can " DEAL " with it !

Some Credo's need to be given to yourself for the " POSITIVE RE-INFORCEMENT " you have given to anyone who reads the RBYB book !

I wonder if I would have moved forward towards Employment without that POSITIVE DRIVE ???

With Regards to LTBP site , I've not been near there for over 12 months , OK they are a Business & they ARE out to make a $ , That's fair in a free world economy !

But to have a shot at your Idea's / Methods is a bit UNFAIR !

There are plenty of people within this Forum who will agree that your " MOTIVATION " alone has made us better people & ALSO made us Feel Better !

THANKS Dean !! :)

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Post by Dean » Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:29 pm

Hi Mark,

When I saw your name on this post I perked right up and said to myself, "Hey, it's SeafordMfd!"

Always good to hear from you... Can we count this as your semi-annual visit? :lol:

I'm glad you've been able to get back to work. Hope it's something that you like doing and pays decent.

I'm a little concerned that you still have problems with back pain. Any ideas as to why this might be so?

If we knew more, maybe we could offer some suggestions.

Are you doing the exercises regularly? Any of them give you trouble? How far are you into the advanced stage? When do you feel the pain? Is it constant or is it an on again, off again sort of thing?

It could just be a "pain memory" type of situation. Read some of Randolph's posts about what he's learned about TMS and what got him over the final hurdle. May be something there you can use.

In any event, I would be curious to know more. I'm sure there has to be a solution.


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Post by SeafordMdf » Tue Jun 19, 2007 7:06 pm

Hi Dean & Everyone else :D ,

I'll try to make an appearance a bit more frequently from now on , But with a New Job , New Home & lots of changes , The last 6 months have been slightly hectic for me , Hence my No Show.

Dean you are on to me I think :shock: , I only do excercises AFTER the onset of Back Pain , Hence I'm being Re-Active & not Pro-Active in that area.

Pain Memory , Yes well that is something that is a possibility now that you mention it , That has happened before with an Illness I had many years ago , So I'm a Firm believer in that the Mind can trigger pain signals without there " Really " being anything wrong Physically.

As for " When do I feel the Pain " interesting question ?

The Pain can come and go at will .

It's normally not bad at work very surprisingly , Even though I work sitting on a elevated chair doing very light duty Technical work on a Bench , Soldering Etc & maybe 20% of the time I'm on the side of the same bench using a PC .

So one would think that at work back pain would flare up due to being seated and working a PC & Bench work ?

Driving a car , Well if I'm in the seat for more than 15 / 20 mins It will often flare up , so I avoid Driving as much as possible , Fortunately the trip to & from work is only 15 mins.

Doing things that you would expect to cause back pain such as Mowing the Lawns , Working on Cars , Handyman work around the home , even some heavy lifting normally don't cause pain.

But as I'm typing this I'm seeing a Pattern that maybe occurring ?

The "Nasty" back pain seems to come on late Friday afternoon / Evenings as I'm prepairing to have a Weekend off & it's usually easing away by Sunday evenings.

Also today being Wednesday is a Day off work for me every week , Guess what ? , I have mild lower back pain today & thinking about it the last few months of Wednesdays they have been the same UNLESS I have had important work to do such as repairing Friends cars or Off helping Friends do some form of work.

Also If I think some Activity will cause me to have Back Pain , Surprise 75% of the time it WILL.

The further I go into this posting the more I " Think " Pain Memory is a valid point in my situation ?

I wonder if others can see these sort of Patterns showing up also ?

I think I'll head off and read Randolph's postings on TMS now.

Updated I read Randolf's posts with much interest , So off I went to find a TMS questionnaire.

Surprisingly most of the questions relate almost EXACTLY to Comments I make in relation to Patterns , So I did the short Test on-line.

I scored 11 and the Website suggests :-

We think you should read about Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS) and find out more about it. You may benefit from the self-treatment approaches.

This has now become All very interesting , & there surely is some Pain Memory occuring in my case.

That's not to say I'm going off to believe everything Dr Sarno has to say , More so I'm tempted to consider seeking a Health Care Professional such as a Psycologists opinion here.

Glad I popped back into the Forum now after my 6 month absence 8)

Dean This is a Long post & very off Topic also , Is it worth spliting it out & starting a Pain Memory thread ?

Cheers ,

Mark A

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Post by Dean » Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:21 pm

It definitely does sound like you have a pattern going on there.

I may just split this off later when my thoughts are fresh.

I pulled the phrase "pain memory" out of the air because I couldn't think of what Sarno and the TMS folks normally call it. I'm sure there is a more technical term.

It's late here and I've been on the computer all day and I need to quit and go to bed. I'm glad you did decide to stop by today. I'd like to see you achieve 100% recovery and I'm sure other people will benefit from this analysis process you just went through. I'm fading...

Gotta quit.


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