does this stuff work?

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does this stuff work?

Post by sjaltman » Mon Oct 30, 2006 11:17 pm

Just inviting you all to talk about your experiences with Dean's exercises. Do they really work? How long does it take? I just started four days ago and so far, improvement is tricky to measure or see.

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We think it works....

Post by krd » Tue Oct 31, 2006 8:02 am

Hello sjaltman

First off, what is going on with your back. I have a herniated disk at L5 and sciatic pain down my left leg. I am doing the exercises now after having had epidural injections. Yes they do work. However, with that said, you have to listen to your body. If the pain is intensified when doing them then you should back off.

This is what is different with back pain. You don't want to work "through the pain". Let us know your overall symptoms and pain level and you will be amazed at the input from others on this forum. Good luck.


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Post by sjaltman » Tue Oct 31, 2006 1:55 pm

Thanks for the feeback Ken. This is to add to my initial post. Well I first had a the lower back problem in May it was brought on by a lot of mountain biking and I did not heed my body's messages to stop (the initial pain). Finally it really tweaked and I had a lot of spasms. Since then the most prominent symptom has been a lot of sharp pain/discomfort especially when sitting. After a few months the pain did go down my legs and became nerve pain, but that has finally stopped. Also the pain has become less sharp recently. I tried many things chiro, acupunture, massage, physical therapy. It seemed like it was improving many times only to be set back again. The pain has dulled a bit, is not as sharp and urgent as it was before. Since I started the exercises four days ago it has improved a lot, although I still can't sit for very long at all and that is my major goal so I can do more at work and pursue my other interests. The pain has moved from one side to another but has yet to centralize. In any case my primary physician believes it is a bulging disc. What is funny/odd is I have no problem lifting or doing most exercises or moving my body, it is the sitting that most often gets me. The pain feels as if there is heat in my lower back. As I said before, these exercises do seem to help i'm just wondering if others have had problems sitting and if the program was able to help (how long, etc). I will move on to the advanced exercises in a week or so, although I am already doing crunches and wonder if I should already begin to start the other exercises since my body can do these things easily. Incidentally i'm also working with the neck exercises since I had some nerve trouble down my arm (and getting over knee problems and torn cartilidge!) I was hard on my body for many years and am now, at only 27 am suffering the consequences. In any case these injuries have totally changed my relationship with my body and when/if I get better I will respect its limits!!!! Thanks!

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Post by krd » Tue Oct 31, 2006 2:16 pm

Hey Sara

Well you are definitely an actice person. The good news is that this too shall pass. Hang in there. A nerve injury (sciatica) can take up to one year to heal, sometimes even more. I am an avid golfer and I hurt my back in May of this year. I am taking off for one full year before I even attempt to play golf again.

The best exercise for me is the cobra. I do that 2 times a day at least. Also, I do the standing back bends throughout the day. My PT has me doing a lot of core exercises.

Have you had an MRI? Not a bad idea to get one. Find out what is going on in there and structure your exercises accordingly. My herniation will only allow me to bend backwards with no pain. Was painful in the beginning, however, no pain now. Forward bending is greatly increasing every week, but still room for improvement.

Dean has a great site here and the people on here are all experiencing what you are going through. Remember, this is different than any other injury that you have had. Don't work through the pain. If you feel any pain in the leg when you are exercising, back off. Good luck.



Lower back pain

Post by JulesWA » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:23 am

Hi there - this is my first time on this site. I found Dean's book just surfing the net on back pain. I suffer from sciatica, a disc extrusion impinging on the nerve root - ouch!!! I have started the exercises and have to say a great improvement, but |I am off work at the moment, and doing the exercises very frequently. Still having trouble sleeping, even though I have tried the rolled-up towel method, and am very stiff in the mornings, but will hang in there - what else is there??? Have enjoyed reading all the comments on all topics on this site - makes me feel less alone in this ADVENTURE!!!! :oops: :P :P :P :oops: :x


Post by Seann » Sat Feb 10, 2007 6:35 pm

First time respondant.

6 year veteran of lower back pain accompanied by sciatica and occaisonal numbness in my left lag. I tend to be grumpy, too.

I downloaded Rebuild Your Back yesterday morning (up at 3 am cause the pain keeps me awake) and read the first few chapters. Everything I read made perfect sense. I started the initial round of exercises and within a day and a half have noticed a difference. The pain is still there but two things have changed:

1. My shoulders are level again. For whatever reason my left shoulder has been 2" lower than my right for quite some time. Can't explain, but I'll call it a positive difference.

2. I used to get a load popping from somewhree in my back whenever I would lift my left leg past hip height. This has stopped. Again, I can't explain what was going on or what fixed it, but it happened.

One thing I will say. Most of the excercises in the book I've found in one place or another over the years by doing research on the subject. Never in one place, but most the info is out there if you have time to look for it (6 years of research for me).

The big, make that BIG difference is that the excercises I found were covered int eh second part of this book. They all skip the healing part. Previous atttempts to repair myself failed when I tried the excercises I was finding. I didn't know why. I always came out hurting worse than when I started no matter how long I stuck with a program. Apparently I was re-injuring myself over and over again.

This book starts with a healing phase. Go figure.

So, I don't have long term results to back me up, but from what I've read so far coupled with the immediate results i've experienced I would say the book is well worth the money.

I've already spent an unGodly amount of money trying to get myself healed. I'll be a little irked if the solution was only 10 bucks away the whole time.

JulesWestern Australia

Post by JulesWestern Australia » Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:17 am

Hi there - I am only at the end of my first week using Dean's exercises, although I have used these sort of exercises before, and then stopped as I thought they were making me worse! Following, acupuncture and more and more pain - particularly sleeping and first thing in the morning (so stiff), I downloaded Dean's book and have been following the first basic exercises VERY FREQUENTLY, as I have been off work and had the time to do them on the hour etc. It is now Sunday evening, and I am feeling much better. The pain is still there and I know tomorrow morning, it will not have gone away, but I am feeling much more positive, and hoping I am on the way to full recovery. It is so good to talk to other people with a similar problem, as my friends and family don't really understand - how can they?? Thanks for the site.

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Post by Seann » Sun Feb 11, 2007 8:54 am

Day three on the program.

I was able to simply 'get out of bed' today. Usually takes me several minutes.

Pain is present, but moving around as predicted. I'm assuming that's good.


Jules- I know what you mean when you say people don't understand what you're going through. I've been blessed with a very understanding and supportive wife, however nobody else really seems to get it. I think they don't really believe I'm in pain because I suck it up and don't whimper and hobble around like an old man.

It's nice to be able to share with other people who do understand.

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Post by randolph » Sun Feb 11, 2007 1:03 pm

Glad to read of your initial successes with the exercises, Seann, and Jules. It really helped me a lot to receive the encouragement of others who have been thru it, and come out the other side, OK. I don't have any proof for this opinion, but as good as the exercises are, I think the exercises work better when you have more hope for recovery than anxiety about all the weird symptoms you're suffering from. So I'm really grateful for this forum, too.

I couldn't have done it without the support of my wife either. You don't volunteer for these kind of adventures, but it is no small compensation to realize you've come out stronger in the end, and appreciate your spouse that much more.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and ask any of the inevitable questions that will come up as you rebuild your back.



Severity of Pain

Post by Chris » Mon Feb 12, 2007 6:01 am

Hello everyone
I would like to thank you all for being here, the support means a lot and I have learned a lot.

I plan on starting the cold/heat treatment soon. I understand the pain in my leg should return to my back. Should I expect the pain to be as severe as it was in my leg or should I wait until the pain subsides some before presuing the cold/heat treatments?

I overexerted my self and now have a set back. Got the bright idea that I should get up as much as possible as the pain would allow. I was asked by one of my friends if I thought I was babying myself, I don't want people to think that I am taking advantage of their help. Been mostly in bed for a month now. waiting to get back where i was before.

I am open for any and all suggestions.

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