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Post by sherry1 » Tue Oct 24, 2006 11:15 am

Hi all

Just trolling through the web sites to find some answers an came across this forum.
Will tell you abit about whats going on with me.
Hernaited disc at L4 in July 2005.
Xrays an Mri scan December 2005
4 months of pyshio which with acupunture did take away my sciatic pain.
Left with severe back pain.
Am on strong pain killers which make me real tired. Would luv to have some that take the pain away when i'm awake!
Had my Facet Joint injections 2 weeks ago which took the pain out of my buttocks.
But back pain still severe.
Have been told a fusion is the next step.
All in all 15 months of pain an change of life style.

Has anyone out there had a bone fusion?
Any details would be handy.

Many thanks

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Post by randolph » Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:32 am

Hi Sherry!

Our general attitude toward surgerical treatment is to use it as a very last resort (if nothing more conservative lessens/eliminates the pain) and give PT, such as that recommended in RYB, a very good effort. PT seems to be effective for most people: not as fast as surgery can be (if your surgery is successful), but in the long run, just as effective and certainly less costly and risky.

Life does indeed change quite a bit with the addition of back pain. I was lucky enough to get by in the early stages with just OTC NSAIDs, so I really can''t imagine what you''re going thru. But apparently folks using the prescription meds have been helped using RYB. I hope they chime in here for you.

Good luck, Randolph

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Sorry to hear of your pain...

Post by krd » Mon Oct 30, 2006 8:33 am

Hey Sherry

We can all kind of relate to how you are feeling. I have a rather large herniation at L5. Sciatica pain into my foot and couldn't get out of bed for 6 weeks without severe pain. I went to a spine surgeon and he recommended epidural injections. I had 2 injection in the month of September. These helped significantly to reduce my pain and allowed me to agressively start on a PT session.

It has been just over one month since my last epidural, and I am able to do virtually anything, except play golf, without any pain. I do my PT with the therapist 3 days a week and do the exercises every day on my own. I too thought that surgery was going to be my only option. The good thing about surgery, is that if there is no immediate danger of nerve damage, you can always try PT first and if all else fails, fall back on surgery.

I would not do surgery unless it is the only option. I have had too many friends that have opted for surgery, and they are worst off than I am at this stage. In fact, some of them are now seeking PT with the guy that I am using. I am an advocate of the epidural now, since it was such a success for me. My surgeon did say that there is an 80% fail rate in the first year of an epidural; however, he stated that it is because most patients start to do things they shouldn't be doing because they feel so much better, and that they do not stick to a PT program. The PT program must be done daily and most of the time on your own. I now look forward to my PT (at home and with the therapist) because it is a challenge and I love the exercise. Good luck, and we will be checking in on your progress. Be posting.....


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