Yoga Question: Any recommendations?

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Post by el » Tue May 30, 2006 1:15 pm

Sorry guys,hope you arent sick of me!!!!!!!
I was wondering what the best form of yoga is for my back when im fully better since there are loads!anyone know?
all so Dean told me to do strenghtening every other day and then take a rest the next day,do i still do stretches and mobilisation on those days that i dont do strengthening?
bit fed up because my mid back still is sore and my shoulders are painful but im taking it very slowly in regerds to that,so i still havnt started strenghtening it yet but i am doing the strenghtening lower back exercises twice a day but alternating between one day lower exercises,the next day neck strenghtening so that im not doing them every day,is that ok?
hope everyones well

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