Can back rebuilder help post discectomy operation

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Ben MC
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Can back rebuilder help post discectomy operation

Post by Ben MC » Mon Apr 17, 2006 2:00 pm


I am now recovering after discectomy surgery to L5/L4 disc. (2 weeks ago today)

At the time I didn't feel I had much choice in the surgery as I was classed as an emergency due to loss of bladder control - and the NHS here in England don't tend to undertake emergency surgery unless they have to - so I have to assume to was an emergency case.

I have suffered with a bad back for 8 years and despite various attempts to strengthen it - yoga, swimming, pilates - plus an osteopath who I have a lot of faith in - my back got steadily worse through me pushing it at work.

Now that I've had the surgery I want to make a full recovery!

Will this book help??? - I haven't bought it yet - I don't want to rush things and so I don't want to do anything too fast or innappropriate that will set me back or do more damage.

Any advice welcome

Thanks in advance

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Post by randolph » Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:21 pm

Hello Ben!

Sounds like you quite properly received your emergency discectomy because you were displaying the cauda equina syndrome - something unnaturally pressing on your spinal column ... which can lead to permanent paralysis if not treated quickly ... which in your case was treated quickly. Good thing!

As for the effectiveness of the RYB program for your post-operative rehabilitation, I'd encourage you to read Dean's books, expecially on pain relief, and rebuilding your back. You might want to compare the exercises and stretches Dean offers, with the rehab exercises you received from the physical therapist you probably saw after your operation; better yet, discuss RYB with your PT (or that osteopath you respect). That's what I'll be doing ASAP after I receive my impending discectomy.

It's my understanding that the effectiveness of the operation is dramatically increased with consistent stretching and exercising, as outlined, for instance, in RYB. Your experience with yoga and pilates should be very helpful for you, enabling you to exercise within your limits and up to your potential, and not putting excessive stress on your weakened back as you slowly rebuild and strengthen your back.

If you decide to try RYB, I hope you'll keep in touch here and share your experiences. I'll be especially interested as I will soon be recovering from surgery, too.

Hope this helps, Randolph

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Re: Can back rebuilder help post discectomy operation

Post by SeafordMdf » Wed May 03, 2006 5:07 am

Ben MC wrote:my back got steadily worse through me pushing it at work.
Ben ,

Hi and welcome .

I would guess WORK is how Many / Most of us have ended up with our crook backs :(

All of Randolfs comments are GOOD advice.

I'd strongly recommend you read Some or all of Deans books , There is a LOT of Help / Motivation / Advice and Exercises in them , Also given that Dean has been where we are today it's all relevant information too :D

The cost is only a Donation ( As Large or Small as you can afford ) Dean is very genuine by allowing the reader to get the Ebook via Donation only and not setting a fixed price like almost ALL other Fix up your Back sites do !

After I read the Rebuild Your Back book , I can only say Dean has changed my attitudes towards back pain , There is Hope , There is a Way , But You are the ONLY person who can make it happen . ( Prior to reading the RBYB Ebook , I was of the opinion LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT and STOP COMPLAINING ! )

All the best ,


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