Violent Back Spasms

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Violent Back Spasms

Postby gscaton1 » Fri Sep 23, 2005 3:38 pm

Im not sure if anyone gets these but throughout the years I get very bad back spasms. Lately when I get them they are multiple. The other nite I had about 30 night. I was holding on to the bedpost they were so bad. I would like to know if there is anything that can be done for these spasms. I have 2 herniated disks but the surgeon does not want to operate. I have been getting spasms for years but now when I get them they are the worst. Very scary, thanks gscaton

Postby Steven » Thu Sep 29, 2005 4:01 pm

Hi Gscaton,

Muscle spasms (cramps) can be caused by any number of things. They could be neurological, they could be the body's response to an injury, they could be caused by overwork, they could even be due to dehydration. The thing to keep in mind is that they are usually not a problem with the muscles themselves.

In the short term, drink plenty of fluids and try a heating pad or hot bath to relax the muscles. Also, something I learned from Dean is that stretching against a cramp will often bring instant relief. I have never had occasion to try this for back spasms since I rebuilt my back a couple of years ago and no longer have back problems, but I have tried it for cramps in my feet and calves like we all get sometimes. Worked like a charm.

I would strongly recommend you get both of Dean's books, Rebuild Your Back and The Pain Relief Manual because he has a number of stretching exercises that you could try as well as a lot more pain relief info that you won't find anywhere else. I know most of us old timers start to sound like broken records, but when it comes to back or joint pain problems I have never known Dean to be wrong. He doesn't claim to cure things that can't be cured, but if your back can be fixed, he's the guy with the answers. His book helped me get my back in shape and I've referred several friends who have done the same.

Hope this answers your question.
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Postby Bill » Thu Oct 06, 2005 5:27 pm

Hi gscaton,

Take it from another "old timer" Steven is right. Dean's trick of stretching against the cramp really does work.

I would only add that sometimes cramps in the legs are due to poor circulation. whether or not this would apply to back spasms I can't say.

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Postby longtallsally » Sat Oct 22, 2005 5:28 pm

I have to admit that this is only my second post, but would like someone to explain a bit in detail the exercises Dean suggests.

I have spent close to 20 years in the gym- and I do it right, not just a muscle head- and know the basic movements needed and I'd like to see if his stuff works.

On the subject at hand, I reinjured my back- the reason for finding this site- and had some back spasms. I have NEVER felt pain like that and it brought me to my knees until it subsided. I could not walk for 4 days.

So trust me when I say that I feel your pain. But I really want to get some insight on Dean's suggestions and will gladly buy the book, but am afraid of the "infomercial" type deal. Make sense?
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Postby Steven » Mon Oct 24, 2005 3:54 pm


Your desire to know all the details about Dean's book is perfectly understandable. No one wants to buy something sight unseen.

The only problem with what you're asking is that, first of all, it would be impossible to give you a 120 plus page book in a forum post. And secondly, most of us consider Dean a very dear friend and - I for one - would do nothing to hurt him or his business in any way. So I would really hesitate to start revealing the contents of his book just so a few people could get out of giving him a few bucks.

I think if you read the articles that Dean writes for this site, you'll get a pretty good "insight" into what he is all about and what to expect from the book.

If you look around the internet much at all, you will soon discover that Dean is the only person that is actully telling the truth. (There may be others, but I've never seen them.) All of the other back pain websites that I've seen have all been worthless "infomercials" like you mention selling ripoffs or they're huge medical sites pushing surgery.

Dean doesn't use fear tactics and he isn't selling "miracles." His book is primarily an exercise manual designed specifically to address back problems. It won't make you the next Arnold Swarzenegger, but it will probably change the way you care for your back. (And that's the point isn't it?)

Bottom line is, if you don't trust Dean after reading what he has to say, then don't donate to support the site.

I hope this is not coming across as being unfriendly, because I do understand your point of view. I'm just asking you to consider both sides of the coin.

Hope this answers your questions,
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Postby Guest » Mon Oct 24, 2005 7:21 pm

Not a problem. I actually made a donation and got the book. As it turns out it was well worth it. I'll respect everyone and not mention any specifics, but will add my very difficult to earn stamp of approval.

In other words I highly recommed it. Honestly it is nothing I didn't know, but reminded me of things I've forgotten about in my 2 years off from the gym.

Good man with good ideas. I have to temper my enthusiasm with a bit of trepidation as it was not until page 75 that there was any truly useful information. Either way, it is well worth the read.


Postby Steven » Tue Oct 25, 2005 4:27 pm

Hi again Brice,

Glad you decided to get the book and I knew you wouldn't be disappointed. However, I'm a little mystified as to why you would say that there wasn't any useful information until page 75. I was very shocked by that statement and more than a little curious, so I flipped open my copy and that's half way through the advanced exercises?!? What are you talking about?

I have to assume you mean for you personally. Surely you're not suggesting that the first half of the book was worthless? If you think that, I would strongly suggest you put your weightlifter/super jock ego aside for a moment and reconsider.

The basic exercises, which you so readily dismiss, turned my life around and saved me from back surgery. I do them religiously, even on days when I don't get around to doing any of the advanced exercises.

I don't consider that to be worthless and I'm sure many more in this group will agree.

I didn't know most of that information before I found this site and the same is true for most of the people who come here looking for help. Sure I knew some of it already, that's why I knew he was telling me the truth.

Forgive me if it sounds like I"m upset, but I was stunned by how self-centered and irresponsible that one statement came across. (I'll try to calm down.)

Let me put it another way: If you were going to write a back rebuilding book destined to be read by a wide general audience, would you leave out the information in the first half of Dean's book? Would you just start out with the advanced exercises and forget about actually teaching people what they need to know before they start? Would you just assume they already had all the background information?

I would hope not. It would be a pretty useless... not to mention irresponsible book.

If you're just coming off a back injury, give those basic exercises a second look. They may not seem like much to a serious athlete, but there's a reason Dean recommends doing them for the first month of your recovery following an injury.

I'm upset, but I'll get over it, :)
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Postby Dana » Wed Oct 26, 2005 4:02 pm

Hi guys,

Boy, I leave for a couple of weeks and the place falls apart...

But seriously, Steven I don't think Brice meant that the first half of the book was worthless. Although when you read his post it comes across that way.

After all, he recommends the book and I doubt he would do that if he thought there was nothing in the first half. I think you're over-reacting to a casual remark.

Let's be friends,
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Postby Steven » Wed Oct 26, 2005 5:20 pm

Hi Dana, glad you're back.

Yes, I did over-react, but I just got a picture in my mind of people reading that post and getting the wrong impression.

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Postby Bill » Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:03 pm

Hey guys,

I was taken aback by that "page 75" remark myself, but I just thought, "Oh well, to each his own..."

Besides, I knew Ol' Stevie wouldn't let it get by him... 8)

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