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Pelvis Tilted....not improving

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:37 pm
by amyers24
Hi I was in a car accident on May 1st of this year. I was rear ended and when the other car hit me he was going about 50 mph. I had my seat belt on . Almost immediately I began to have sharp pains in my groin area. In the days and weeks follow I have had an range of typical pain and symptoms mostly soft tissue damage in neck , and back. Most pain has subsided except for one area that has not improved at all. I have a cold sensation in my right hip and butt area, pain in my lower back on the right side in one specific spot, I also have pain in my groin. The pain can be described best as sharp and sometimes radiates up my back and toward the left. The pain in my groin is almost as if someone has tied something around the top of my thigh too tight. I sometimes have numbness in my leg and a feeling as if my leg is not there yet it works fine and I can feel sensations when I touch it. I feel as if I am limping when I walk however no one else notices this. I have had several doctors appointment with x-rays and nothing is broken. The only thing I have had said about my x-ray is that there was some scloratic calcification on my pelvis. The area in which the calcification has been noticed is right below where I am having pain in my back. The doctor said he believes it is most likely an incidental finding. I have been in physical therapy for 4 weeks. In the very first session the PT said that my pelvis was tilted. At each session he has "realigned it". I leave feeling mostly better and then within a very short period of time sometimes minutes pain begins again. And with every session he says it is tilted again. He says he is puzzled as to why this continues to happen. He had only planned for me to be have physical therapy for 3 weeks and I am scheduled for my 5th week next week. Can anyone tell me if they have ever experienced this? At -my last PT appointment me and the therapist discussed the lumbar position in my car. I drive approximately 4 - 5 hours at 15 mins to 1hour at a time increments of my 8-9 hour work day. He believes that this driving is aggravating it and wants me to adjust the lumbar on my seat to see if this helps improve my pain and see if it is still tilted. I am very tired of the pain and am only being given anti-inflammatories to treat it from my doctor. At my last appointment about 3 weeks ago with my doctor he suggested that at the end of my PT if I am still having pain he may want to do a bone scan. I believe that there is nothing more wrong with my back/hip except the tilted pelvis. I dont want to run back to the doctor yet PT only temporarily improves things. Any advice or experience with this is welcome. Thanks!

Re: Pelvis Tilted....not improving

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:55 pm
by amyers24
So I returned to the doctor today and was told that I am experiencing something called Meraglia Paraesthtica. Apparently caused by trauma to nerve the runs at the top of my thigh caused by the seat belt during the car accident. This does not explain the back pain I am having in the SI joint. My doctor has told me to discontinue the PT and is sending me to a Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor. Does anyone have any experience with this condition or type of doctor? I am skeptical of my doctors conclusion because I feel I do not have all of the symptoms of the Meraglia Parasthtica condition. Everyone else I have spoke with feels that my doctor should order an MRI. Thoughts anyone.