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MRI Results in ... Looks like a bad L5S1 herniation...

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:25 pm
by fighting
So, I had an MRI today and they offered to give me a CD of the images. I came home and looked and was a bit shocked at the size of the herniation (L5S1). I knew there would be one since I had one in 2009 but the size was a bit shocking. Using the measuring tool I think 15mm or so. (I think).

My pain is not that bad. At some times no pain at all but chronic and much worse in the morning. Sitting is not that bad but when I stand after sitting for a while its hell.

Can I really recover from this? I am doing a lot of extension exercises and they seem to help but do they help the herniation work its way back in?

Is there anything to help the herniation recede? Massage?