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Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:18 pm
by vladshats
I really was surprise when it happened with me:classical low back pain(not severe) with shooting pain in right leg(dorsal side), numbness in right foot and calf,difficult to walk(moving generally),driving car, to be in one position more than 10-15 min, muscle spasm and stiffness on low back and right leg.MRI L4-L5 disc protrusion,large herniation S1-2.What the cause? 1) I do lifting patients from 2007 in different situations(including when you do it in very bad posture)2)sitting inappropriate 3)car driving to much 4)maybe age (46) but it's could happen in any age.My life stile was't bad:every morning exercise outside(jugging,push up,pull up),tennis,walking as much it possible,not smoking, occasionally drinking,healthy fat free food(never fast food).In one day all change!Now second month.First 2 days I almost got DRX (did ones)then dismiss appointments because get worse pain and feel really bad(plus information about this treatment).Seems reasonable when you read advertising - but aftermath with big "?". Neurologist sad Your only potions - surgery! I found Chiropractic close to me. He perform minimum hands with max physio procedure.He gave to me same exercise during shower and during the day.Of course no lifting,less physical,relax!It work for now.Still little discomfort, less numbness, no pain - but I want more - back to my previous activity without looking to my bad back! I need rehab to rebuild my back!Have any idea!