L5,S1 Questions

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L5,S1 Questions

Post by ajc » Mon May 23, 2011 9:18 am

Hello all,
Im new to the forum and just downloaded RYB and started the stretches yesterday. History 3 yrs ago surgery to repair herniated disc right side 9mm rupture. Full recovery except for numbness on right side of right foot that never resolved. I am in construction so im constantly lifting bending and twisting. I have been extermely consious of my posture since my surgery and have had only minor issues "probably warning signs" that went away in a few days. About 6 weeks ago I strained my back a little higher up but no pain or nerve issues in my leg. One week later at the end of my work day I started to get throbbing in the bottom of both feet and within a few hours had small muscle spasms and slight pain down the back of both leg and my quad muscles felt like I ran a marathon. I iced that night on and off every hour and within a few days the tingling and muscle spasms resolved. Here is where thing went south in a hurry. Every time I was on my feet the symptoms came back a little worse.. At first no low back pain then each time I was on my feet for more than 15 min I started to get dull pain on each side of L5S1 followed up shortly after that with a sharp stabbing pain that got worse if I sat or stood. All this taking longer and longer each time to get back to a manageable level.

I went and had a MRI done a little over a week ago. Had my Chiro look at the disc they gave me "havent recd the report yet" and he showed that my L5S1 are in perfect position but the disc has gotten considerably smaller. The strange thing he noticed was that the disc looks like its worn in the back to thepoint the L5 and S1 are touching bone to bone the disc is severely wedge shaped with no bulge on the inside "twards my insides .

Now I have started the stretching exercises 2 times yesterday. Now my questions begin. I do the cobra very slightly and this increses the sharpness of pain. Can I do the cat stretch along with the tail wag instead of the cobra and the back bend?? Also is it normal to have a centralized throbbing in the same area after the exercise followed by a little more pain/tinling/numbness with muscle spasms? By the way most of the pain/numbness and tingling is in my feet and calfs. Hamstings are ok but do have mild gluet pain that wraps around to the front of my thighs. Wow this is way more writing than I thought sorry just trying not to miss anything. Any feedback is appreciated!!

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Post by fighting » Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:44 pm

any update? I have an L5S1 herniation and worried about it. No surgery and hoping to avoid it. Did you find something that worked?

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