si joint dysfunction and despair

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si joint dysfunction and despair

Post by teetel-ling » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:50 pm

I am in despair, I won't pretend.

For one year now I have not been able to walk any significant amount. I used to race mountain bikes and love running, now I cannot grocery shop for myself, do errands, work, or any house work. My only light is that I can swim and this summer I worked up to being able to do MTB rides under and hour. Now I am back to only very short rides due to a relapse.

I am now 29, very fit, well I was, very lean, very willing to do anything. I have been tested for all kinds of systemic illnesses, physical injuries to no avail. The closes diagnosis seems to be SI joint dysfunction. I saw an expert on this issue and we did lots of work on the TA and Multifidi and alignment. I built up to being able to do swiss ball exercises. A completely irresponsible chiropractor using ACT therapy STRETCHED my illiolumbar and sacrotuberous ligaments about a month ago, to my great horror. Now after a year of painstaking work, I am back at square one. Other PTs have only injured me further. I suspect I also have hip issues related to the SI joint dysfunction as well.

My back hurts right at the SI joint and down the side of the sacrum to the tail bone all the time and I can't help but feel my life is ruined. I feel pathetic because I know so many others have MS and other illnesses that are worse, but I am not them. I am extremely depressed about it. Being outside and moving were my life. I'm willing to give up being hardcore and just do moderate exercise if only I could live without chronic pain and have a sense of ease in my body again. I've worked so hard, made so many compromises, it feels so unfair that this pain keeps on like this. I have tried to listen well to my body but my body only seems to degrade.

I don't know if I can bear it. :(

I've decided I should try prolo. I'm terrified because of all the treatments I've received I always seem to get the worst side effect possible. I really have had some bad luck and so I am very concerned that I could make this worse. Also I do not know how to locate a good prolo-therapist. My natropath does prolo but without ultrasound. Is it necessary to use ultrasound?

Any thoughts are so greatly appreciated. Thank you. I live in Arizona.

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