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Episacral Lipoma

Posted: Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:17 pm
by rkochis
Episacral Lipoma are fatty cysts that protrude from the lumbar facsia. I have them on both sides of my spine. They are palpable "bumps" that are approximately 1.5" by 1/2". When doing floor exercises, I can iritate them. They could be the cause of my limited ROM and tightness I get in the lumbar region after, for example, playing golf or other activities requiring lumbar rotation.

During your research have you encountered Episacral Lipomas?
If not, a guick google search will provide some interesting information.
Any information/feedback you care to provide is appreciated.

I am meeting with my PCP next week. I want to definitively determine what these nodules are, and if possibily schedule removal.