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Some Progress

Postby EngineerDoug » Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:37 pm

Hello all,

I am a new member of the forum; you might have read my previous introductory post from last month. I thought I would share some news of progress and ask a question or two.

I had a visit with my physiatrist last week. He was interested to hear how things had been going over the last 6 weeks since I saw him last. I felt that I had improved by 20 or 30% because my sitting tolerance has gone up. I also related to him that the last month of physical therapy has provoked my symptoms a bit. Nothing major, but all the exercise generally leaves me with a feeling of overall achyness in the low back and glutes. More discomfort than pain, I would say. Generally something that a couple of Tylenol will alleviate, so I chalked it up to muscle soreness, coupled with the fact that I have been working muscles and tissues that are closely involved with an injured area.

Note also that I work at an occupation that requires a good deal of sitting during the day. I get out of the chair as much as I can, but I speculate that the simple act of sitting on muscles (glutes) that have been worked out will enhance the feeling of soreness/achyness.

Given the fact that I am not healed yet (only been 2 months), does this agree with your experiences? Do the therapeutic exercises generally have this affect upon you?

One thing that I am still experiencing, in addition to back pain, is leg sensations on my injured side. This is something that is very mild and I feel infrequently. Sometimes it is pain, sometimes a little tingle. My doctor did the standard nerve involvement tests and was pleased to find no weakness or anything like that. Is this something that will just take time to go away? I assume that the nerve(s) is still irritated, but not to a large extent because I don't have much pain.

I've been experimenting with the Cobra stretch (I have Dean's Ebook), but am not yet sure if I am ready to make it a regular part of my routine. Correct me if I am wrong about this, but the extension pose will tend to close down the foreamen where the nerve root exits, while opening up the space where the disk resides. If I have some nerve root inflammation, will this tend to prolong the aggravation?

Overall I am encouraged. I have an excellent doctor, and he does believe that it will take more time for the protruding disk to "re-sorb". I suppose until that happens the nerve will still be on "high alert".

I really appreciate this forum, as I have learned a great deal from people's experiences.

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