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Introducing Me!

Post by glen_ap » Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:49 pm

Hi Everyone. I am new to the forum and RYB but no stranger to low back pain. I have been suffering from low grade chronic back pain since late 1999 when I graduated from college and got a desk job as a computer programmer. Sure, I probably injured it in one of many idiotic improperly performed lifts (helping friends move, etc), and I don't think I ever properly healed and definitely did not perform the right exercises that would rebuild the foundation of my back. But I have always known that sitting for 12+ hours per day caused most of my problems. I have also been experiencing acute low back pain 4-12 times per year that renders me useless for weeks.

I just found this site two days ago and have finished most of the book. I was immediately plagued with anger towards the health professionals that failed to give me this information. Did they really not know?!?! The orthopedic surgeon I saw was well known and had treated several of the Redskins back in the 80's (in their heyday!), and his only answer was "You have degenerative disc disease. There's nothing you can do except lose some weight." The chiropractors only focused on the abnormalities. The primary care physicians just said "Lose some weight". The physical therapist was the most helpful and gave me exercises that were supposed to help, but did not rebuild my back and failed to give me any understanding as to why I was experiencing pain.

I hold high hopes for the RYB exercises. I always tell myself that I won't raise my hopes too high, but this time I have thrown caution to the wind because the explanations in the book make sense; it just seems "right". I had previously read some of the books by Dr. John Sarno that covers the mind-body connection, but was severely let down by the results. It basically says that there is nothing wrong with your back, and it's all in your head. And the best part was that the treatment is being diagnosed. Essentially, once you understood that your brain was causing you back pain because of stress, then it would stop. That was a nice idea, but didn't really pan out that way. However, I do believe there is some truth to the mind-body connection for back pain.

If I can rebuild my back to the point where I have no daily pain, that would be incredible. And if I have no resurgence of acute pain, that would be an amazing bonus! I am very hopeful, which is itself a blessing because I had given up all hope of ever recovering; I thought I was going to live the rest of my life this way - and that was very depressing.

I am looking forward to getting some support, and hopefully I will be able to offer support to some of you also.

- Glen

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Post by dougshepard » Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:49 am

So, did it work?!?

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