yoga good for back?

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yoga good for back?

Post by crackybacky » Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:42 am

just finished reading the book. it seems alot of the exercises are very similar to yoga poses, so i started bikram yoga. its pretty intense but i feel it is working. is there any literature to support this being good for your back or am i just going to hrt myself more?

Flyin Pig
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Post by Flyin Pig » Thu Mar 05, 2009 1:13 am

Hey Cracky,

Been a while since I'd posted although I still check out the forum on occassion.

Quick story about my injury... I believe I'd herniated a disc shoveling snow last March... real crooked, couldn't walk without dragging my foot, couldn't wipe my butt because I couldnt reach it with domenant hand.

Worked through the RYB excersises (very active here last year)... and during cobra/ decompression, back returned from its twisted funkiness.

Fast forward to today... I thoroughly enjoy yoga 3 days/ week. I believe it helps my tennis game tremendously (also 3 days/ week).

I still do back bends, hip shrugs, forward bends several times every day (and I still like those Hindu Pushups, Bill P). I continue to add/ augment with other RYB excersises, but those 3 are my favorite.

So, yes... yoga allows decompression after working the muscles. But be very mindfull about working too hard too fast if you're still in the rehab stage.

Many of you folks have lived with back pain for a much longer time than I did... don't expect to see progress overnight, or even every month. The only thing to do is go through the motions... do the excersises that don't cause you pain and know that you're making progress even though you may not see it.

Keep up the good work,
Blue Skies,

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