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Herniated L5, sciatica 8 Months

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:22 pm
by ichfog
Herniated disc L5 in Nov. 2012. Physical therapy for 2 months, waiting while continuing to exercise at home. Very little actual pain but numbness down right leg to bottom of foot. Nerve conduction study done 5 months after injury, still in 'acute stage' so epidural injections were recommended. I've had 3 now and have improved somewhat, but still have some numbness at the back of right thigh, tingling in back of right calf and numb bottom of foot. Been doing the exercises in Dean's book for one week, some I had been doing before, but others were new to me. The stretching and twisting ones in the second section are helping as well as hip shrug. Shifted Cobra is still not relieving the above symptoms. it's been 8 months! The doctor said she can do no more other than recommend surgery. Also said if the nerve stays under duress for much longer it will become chronic. Is this true? i will continue with the exercises and no surgery please...