Troubled Back

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Troubled Back

Post by Odhrain1 » Sun Dec 15, 2013 7:16 am

Hi there,
About 3 months ago, I started to feel pain in my lower back and down my leg. I had an MRI which showed 2 discs had dried out and that 2 L4 and L5 were herniated and to be honest it has been down hill since here. I also had a lot of pain from the middle of spine and all around my right shoulder area and under my right rib . Anyways went home and was told to do the Mckenzie exercises which I did. I also was starting a new job which I did in a bakery which involves a lot of lifting and carrying . Anyways after a while my whole back just stiffened up and I could not move at all. Left the job as I could not do it. Started going to a physiotherapist once a week and having some deep tissues message. Did lots of physio and a lot of rest as I am not working.

Now 3 months in I am unsure what to do . I think the few days working in the bakery made it worst , I can be a monster worker. I can only walk a small bit until the base of my back stiffens up , all down my bum cheeks and across the back. I feel on the right side that my back (hip) falls a bit and I am limping. Then in the centre of the back , the pain returns and my whole spine up to and including my neck becomes stiff. The logical part of me thinks it is muscles, my spirit is exhausted as I cant sleep.

Any advise gratefully appreciated, I have been offered a new job and I want to start but right now I feel my whole spine is in pain and stiff up to my head and across my back and I cant walk. :?

sorry if I sound negative just seem to spend my time in pain and eating

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