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Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:46 am
Forum: Sciatica and Leg Pain
Topic: Painful Epidural
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Painful Epidural

First time epidural (L5S1 ) . Assume Dr hit left L5 nerve root as big time pain shot through my butt down my left leg lasting approx a minute . This is not normal ,correct? Will that affect it's effectiveness ? 2 days now , still painful to walk and stand. Thank you all for your insight.
Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:11 pm
Forum: Sciatica and Leg Pain
Topic: Scared to death
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Re: They do help

[quote="krd"]Hey Unpilot Ken , My 1st time on. Yesterday had 1st epidural (L5S1) and the pain shot right down the siatic nerve , lasting almost a minute.Excruciating.Did my Dr hit the nerve ? Will it still work ? I'm still in pain left hamstring/buttocks , can't walk 10 feet.Appreciate thoughts or r...