Medical School or Fraud Factory? An Inside Look at Chiropractic College

By Dean Moyer
Author of Rebuild Your Back

Chiropractors want us to believe that they are comparable to real medical doctors. Some even want you to believe that chiropractic school qualifies them to be primary-care physicians or, in other words, that they are equal to your family doctor.

They have gone to great lengths to convince everyone that their education is equivalent to medical school with the only difference being that they focus on "natural healing" instead of drugs and surgery.

So I thought -- just for fun -- we should take a closer look at this institution of higher learning known as chiropractic school and just see what the story is.

Let's see if they are, in fact, providing a level of education even remotely similar to a conventional medical school.

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Since I've never been to chiropractic school I'm going to basically shut up and let you hear from people who have actually been on the inside. That's right, instead of my opinions; I'm going to let you hear from the chiropractors themselves.

Virtually every quote in this article (except for a couple of obvious exceptions) is from former chiropractors, students and instructors on just exactly what it is like at (or perhaps we should say; what goes on behind the scenes at) our nation's chiropractic schools.

As usual, a complete bibliography with links to the original source material is included at the end of this article so you can verify that I did not quote anyone out of context. (I did make a few minor edits for spelling, punctuation and for the sake of brevity, but even that I tried to keep to a minimum.)

So let's start at the beginning and compare chiropractic students to their med school counterparts.

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