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Doctor or Deception; You Be The Judge

Once again, I want to remind you that -- throughout this rather lengthy article -- you've been reading quotes from actual chiropractors many of whom graduated at the top of their respective classes.

I just want to leave you with a few more choice words about the quality of education found in the modern chiropractic school from these brave souls who had the courage to speak out and set the record straight:

Compared to the med school standard chiro training is a joke. [8]
The medical portion of a chiropractor's education is a simulation, required to play a doctor in real life… chiropractors are doing medical impersonations at best… [8]
As I reached my final terms, I wondered why, despite being in the upper part of my class, I found the diagnosis sections of the National Boards difficult. [4]
Before I went to chiropractic college I worked as an exercise therapist at a PT clinic that specialized in back and neck pain. I learned more there about exercise protocols, ergonomics, functional capacity evaluations and disability evaluations than I did in my whole chiropractic education! [6]
The sole accrediting agency for U.S. chiropractic institutions, the Council on Chiropractic Education, recently admitted to the U.S. Department of Education that thousands of chiropractors were granted degrees from accredited programs that did not meet the minimum requirements for practice; raising patient safety concerns throughout the nation. [12]
I went to Cleveland Chiropractic College-LA and it was truly a substandard education. I spent $100k and four years learning how to reduce a fictitious lesion with no training in kinesiology, biomechanics, etc. [23]
Ten months after graduation I was shocked when -- despite graduating Magna Cum Laude and spending eight months studying -- I failed Part IV of final national board exams, a requirement for practice in most states. [4]
… based on my knowledge of the curriculum at Life University, the largest institution that has graduated 20% of all practicing chiropractors … graduates are not qualified to perform [physical] examinations. [8]
This causes me to doubt [the Council on Chiropractic Education's] past performance because they have allowed tens of thousands of Life graduates to enter practice without even a rudimentary knowledge of how to diagnose properly. [4]
Those schools are so incredibly corrupt its unbelievable… [13]
Had the admissions counselor been honest with me during the admission process and admitted that the clinic was merely a money making venture for the college, designed to force the students to drag in their friends and family and charge them for unnecessary manipulation, I would have never enrolled at this disreputable institution. [22]
… expecting that I would work with chiropractors skilled in rehabilitation and gain valuable clinical experience to compensate for the limited training I had received in school. Unfortunately, this proved incorrect, because the chiropractors who hired me misrepresented themselves. [4]
Chiropractic training does not adequately prepare DCs to function as competent diagnosticians, and certainly not as primary-care practitioners. [5]
Well, that's the rumor that's circulating on both Life and National campuses. Lifers think Nationals are "more medical" -- a concept existing only in the deranged world of the chiropractor -- and Nationals (believing they are "more medical," too) think that Lifers must then be "more 'chiropractic.'" It's impossible to know who is being "more moronic" [8]
I am saying that, among other things, the training of chiropractors is inadequate to the task of diagnosing and treating most conditions for which people go to the doctor... [20]
Most chiropractors should not even be considered competent musculoskeletal doctors or back specialists since almost all their 'clinical' training, including diagnosis and management, is dedicated to "finding and fixing the [Chiropractic] Subluxation," which I have said before constitutes a delusional medicine. [20]
There are so many holes in the chiropractic college experience that Chiropractors are really not even qualified to realize the full extent of their own inadequacy… [8]

Equivalent to Med School or a Joke?

So, based on what these chiropractors are telling us, it would appear that Chiropractic College really is just a fraud factory.

It appears that it is nothing more than a make-believe school put together by make-believe doctors designed to lure unsuspecting students into a career where they have to "fake it 'till they make it" as one school slogan seems to imply.

The evidence seems pretty overwhelming.

I do want to point out again that a complete bibliography with links to the original source material is included below so you can verify that I did not quote anyone out of context.

Every source quoted from is worth reading in its own right and will provide you with even more insights into this very controversial topic.

As always,

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