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Personal 06 Feb 2008 05:20 pm

Trash Day in Ozark

This just in…

A recent study out of Japan shows that men have a higher level of brain activity than women.

What the report failed to explain is that men are thinking about doing something stupid.


On another note…

Today’s trash day here in Ozark and I’m seriously thinking about hauling these computers out to the curb.

Spent yesterday trying to fix another network-related problem. One I’ve been putting up with for months. Should’ve just left it alone because I ended up wasting the whole day (that’s right, the whole day…. again.) working on this problem and it’s not fixed.

Didn’t even put a dent in it.

Started about 8:00 am in the morning and kept hammering on it until about 11:00 pm when I finally gave up and went to bed.

I won’t bore you with the play-by-play, but it has to do with file sharing. I thought the problem would go away once I rebuilt “The Lock-up King,” but its problems apparently had nothing to do with this problem.

For what it’s worth, the entire network checks out perfectly with every diagnostic tool I’ve tried. It’s set-up by the book. I’ve even searched the Internet for anything that might shed some light on this dilemma, but came up empty handed.

I’ve checked and double-checked everything, reloaded all the software and run the Network Set-up Wizard on each machine but some of them still refuse to play nice with the others.

I know it’s going to turn out to be something simple, but in the mean time, it’s not helping my usual sunny disposition.


Good new is…

1) The computer I’ve dubbed “Lock-up King,” isn’t locking up anymore.

2) All my important files have been transferred onto the rebuilt machine.

3) My new printer works fine after moving it to a different computer. (No more 10-minute delays.)

4) I’ve managed to persuade Billy Bob that the doghouse doesn’t need high-speed Internet. (Fang’s been getting by just fine with dial-up. Why spoil the mutt?)


Anyway, I think I’m going to suspend “Operation Computer Mania” for the time being and try to get back to working on other projects and improvements. Everything isn’t quite up to snuff yet, but I don’t think I can take much more of this fun and excitement.


On a side-note: Billy Bob and Cousin Goober are available for “fixin’ n ‘justin’” your computer problems. Just call BR549 or see their website at www (dot) its.busted (dot) com.



Music &Personal 02 Feb 2008 07:01 pm

More on Kenny Vance and the Planotones

Got a nice email the other day from Randy Alexander, Kenny Vance’s publicist thanking me for the piece I did about the Planotones and my new personal theme song, “Looking For An Echo.”

Hello, Dean:

I just came across your kind words/posting on my publicity client, KENNY VANCE. I recently added him to my roster and have been working diligently at conveying the same message that you so eloquently posted on your blog. It’s people like you who validate what Kenny does not only to him, but to the subsequent generations he is on a tireless mission to reach.

I keep meaning to answer him back but as you may have noticed, time isn’t exactly on my side these days. Regardless, I’m always happy to give credit where credit is due and Kenny Vance deserves all the attention that comes his way… and you deserve a chance to hear his music.

Speaking of which, Randy went on to point out that Kenny and his band were recently featured on the Fox television show, Good Day New York where they did a couple of numbers from their new CD, “Countdown To Love.”

Also, be sure to check out the YouTube Video on my post if you missed it and visit The Planotones website where — if you’re lucky enough to live on the East Coast – you can check their tour schedule and go hear these guys in person. (Or pick up a couple of their CD’s.)

Kenny Vance and the Planotones are keeping the music alive and from where I sit, that’s all that really matters.

“Cause we were looking for an echo,
An answer to our sound,
A place to be in harmony,
A place we almost found.”

Doo Wop forever,


Personal 27 Jan 2008 06:58 pm

Ozark Mountain High Tech

Did I happen to mention my initial goal for January – what I reckon some might call a New Year’s Resolution — has been to clean up this dump and get organized? Well, consider yourself informed.

Only trouble is, I actually started the clean up and reorganization back in November, so I guess it doesn’t precisely qualify as a New Year motivated event.

Phase One:

Jethro Bodine

Well, Billy Bob and I run network cables everywhere ‘cept the shed out back… and he’s been eyeballing that since Tuesday. Wireless would be nice, but too expensive and not really secure. (Can’t exactly have Jethro piggybackin’ my network whenever he was to take a notion.)

Relocated my cable modem and router. That’s right, we got high-speed Interweb right here in Ozark nigh on last year. Now if we could just manage indoor plumbing we’d be in some tall cotton.

Also installed a new printer that almost works. It prints okay, but it would be nice if it didn’t take ten minutes to work up the gumption. (Cousin Goober thinks it’s the USB driver … and he should know … bein’ he’s a handy fellow and all.)

laptop puppy

Phase Two:

Monday spent the whole day trying to repair The Lock-up King. (Yeah, we’re getting serious here.) Unfortunately, the repair failed three times in a row, so I finally abandoned that plan. The good news is we had adequate back-ups.

I managed to crank ‘er back to square one so we’re riding that mule on the original configuration. It only locks up several times a day now, instead of once or twice a week. (Did I mention it took THE WHOLE DAY?)

Anybody got a sledgehammer?

Phase Three:

Yesterday did a fresh install of Windows on the above mentioned joy-of-my-life, so that problem is solved. I hope. Not holding my breath.

Navy Girl

Unfortunately now I have to re-install all of the drivers, software, files, settings, address book, email messages … some folder Billy Bob calls “pitchers” he won’t let nobody look at … and get the whole thing set-up and organized.

Side note: It’s only locked up three times now trying to copy my files back onto the drive. Who says we’re not makin’ progress?

Billy Bob and Cousin Goober say to tell you all, “Hey.” And, if you don’t hear from one of us by Spring, don’t you pay it no mind. No need to be sendin’ in the Forest Rangers or nothin’. A sympathy card will do.



Stolen Joke of the Day: “You might be a redneck if…

Your new TV is sittin’ on top of your old TV.”


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