03 Aug 2006 03:19 pm

Anne’s Anti-Quackery and Science Blog

I came across an interesting blog the other day entitled Anne’s Anti-Quackery and Science Blog that I thought would be particularly interesting to any of you rebuilders who are natural-born skeptics like myself.

I’ve only had a chance to read a few of her articles and essays so far, but from what I have read, she seems to be very articulate and level-headed.

Her postings are centered on evaluating alternative treatments, science, pseudoscience and medicine … but she also has sections on religion, intelligent design, conspiracy theories, myths and the like if you’re interested in any of those things.

I’ve been mainly focused on her Anti-Quackery Page since that is where my interests lie.

She makes it quite clear that she is merely expressing her own personal opinions and does a good job of providing links to additional material if the reader wishes to learn more.

Overall, I found her writing style to be objective, rational, thought provoking and occasionally humorous. I intend to go back and read the rest of her material and I thought you might be interested in doing the same.

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