The Day Acupuncture Died

By Dean Moyer
Author of Rebuild Your Back

Acupuncture proponents are quick to point out that acupuncture could be well over 5000 years old… In fact, they seem quite enamored by this little tidbit of irrelevant trivia.

However, be that as it may, I believe it's safe to say that 5000 years is certainly enough time to prove whether or not acupuncture is effective at treating back pain and the various other ailments they claim it will cure.

So how come it almost completely died out in China nearly 100 years ago?

Acupuncture Nearly Died?

Oh… didn't you know that?

Oh yes indeed… it seems that acupuncture was so effective that it was easily replaced by science and modern Western medicine at the beginning of the 20th century. Here's what the historians among the acupuncture proponents themselves readily admit… And I quote:

As early as the late 1890's the European germ theories of Koch, List, and Pasteur were starting to arrive in China, marking the beginning of Western medicine in the Far East. By 1912, acupuncture was in precipitous decline, barely able to counter this growth of biomedicine… [2]
…the increasing infiltration of Western thought brought about a severe decline in all traditional Chinese medicines… By 1912, the vast majority of China had given up altogether on the traditional medicinal methods of the past. [1]
…and by the beginning of the First World War, the art of acupuncture was close to cultural extinction in China. [2]
… by the 1930's acupuncturists in China were a dying breed: 'there was only one acupuncturist in all of Canton.' [1]

Acupuncture: No Match for Real Medicine

So you see, acupuncture and other ancient Chinese folk remedies all but disappeared from China once real scientific medical treatment became available.

Which is a very significant fact when you consider that, historically, Chinese culture has always placed a heavy emphasis on such things as honoring their ancestors and preserving ancient traditions. So it is no small thing when they abandon one of those ancient traditions in favor of modern methods. Especially, when those methods came from the West.

So, how could this be? What would cause the Chinese people to abandon something they had used for thousands of years? It's safe to say, they would not do so without a very good reason.

Acupuncture Just Didn't Work

There can be only one explaination for this abandonment of their own medical practitioners. There is only one thing that could get these fiercely traditional people to reject their own culture. And that reason had to be that acupuncture just wasn't working.

Given the choice between ancient tradition and a real doctor, the intelligent, educated Chinese citizen chose to go with real medical help. When their family members became sick, instead of bundling them off to the herbalist or the acupuncturist, they went to the local doctor. Not because they had to. Not because it was new. But because it was working. They were able to see results for the first time in their lives.

It's the old law of supply and demand. There was no longer a demand for the ancient traditional Chinese "medicine" because it just didn't work. And so the old con artists were slowly forced out of business by the competition.

Acupuncture As a Weapon

So what happened? How did this apparently ineffective, almost forgotten collection of folklore, myths and superstitious nonsense manage to make a comeback and find itself ready for export to the West in the early 1970's?

One historian give us a possible clue when he tells us that the communist Chinese government saw acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine as, "a collection of empirical tricks, some of which might be useful." [1]

Useful how?

Okay, call me cynical but I have a hard time believing that a government that considers murdering its own citizens (including children) a valid means of population control is thinking "useful" in terms of benefiting mankind. But then I'm just funny that way.

Acupuncture: A Hoax Reborn

So there you have it. Acupuncture almost died out just as all witch doctors, shamans, voodoo doctors and other primitive fakers do in the face of real modern, scientific medicine. It was only through intervention by a government with dubious motives that it was resurrected and exported to the enemies of that government.

And so it was that the government of communist China began exporting acupuncture to the West along with the shoddy machine tools, illegal drugs and slave labor produced products now flooding our shores.

Were it not for the communist government of the People's Republic of China… a government that went to great extremes to ruthlessly obliterate traditional Chinese culture… acupuncture would have passed into history along with jungle witch doctors and similar folk nonsense.

Is Acupuncture Right For You?

Now (as Dr. Phil would say) I don't expect you to substitute my judgment for your own… but I don't have any intention of seeing an acupuncturist any time soon.

However, if you feel so inclined…

Stickin' with what works,

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2. Fishman, Jon. The History of Acupuncture. 17 December 2000

Last updated: July 13, 2006