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Welcome to RebuildYourBack.com the official companion website for the book Rebuild Your Back, by Dean Moyer... and home of the only happy back pain support group on the net.

About The Books

In addition to the book Rebuild Your Back, Second Edition, we currently distribute two other books: Rebuild Your Neck... and a new book on overcoming joint pain entitled, The Pain Relief Manual. Read more...

(Please Note: The original version of Rebuild Your Back and its companion publication More Good News are now out-of-print and have been replaced by the above mentioned publications.)

About Dean Moyer

I apologize for (up until now) the lack of background information about me on the site. It was a conscious decision I made in the beginning not to talk about myself... preferring rather to focus attention on the information... not on making a name for yours truly.

After all, it's about your back... it's not about me.

However, if you simply must know...

How I Got Into This

As I point out in one of my books, I did not set out to write books on back and joint pain any more than I set out to develop a bad back some 15 years ago. My educational background and personal career goals have nothing to do with these subjects and believe me; I do have other interests.

Sometimes life just takes unexpected turns.

And so even though I occasionally write articles about medical procedures, medications and supplements I do so only as an investigative journalist. I am not trying to replace your doctor or physical therapist. I have no interest in practicing medicine… or treating patients… or pursuing a medical career.

Thank God, I'm Not An Expert

It has been my personal experience that people who claim to be experts (or otherwise go around puffing themselves up) always turn out to be totally worthless both professionally and as individuals.

Trust me, if someone has to tell you how good they are at something, it's a pretty safe bet they're not.

So, even though I'm sometimes wrongly accused of being "a self-proclaimed expert" … as you've probably already noticed … I don't profess anything about myself at all.

In fact, if anything, I insist that I am NOT an expert.

I'm merely a guy who discovered one day that he had a bad back and then spent 10 years ignorantly seeking chiropractic treatment for it. It wasn't until I woke up and started doing my own research that I realized how I was being duped.

Long story short, I rebuilt my own back and this website is a result of that journey.

Why Chiropractors Don't Like Me

Apart from the fact that I don't exactly cut them any slack... I think the big problem is that they're miffed that a layman ... a rank amateur ... someone who in their estimation couldn't possibly know anything ... managed to succeed where they have failed so miserably.

I believe the reason they failed is because they just didn't have the proper motivation; they never had to rebuild their own back.

I, on the other hand, had a problem to solve. And, once I stopped listening to them and started to do my own research, I soon discovered that the answer was remarkably simple. Just rebuild your back.

In fact, it's so obvious that I'm continually amazed that I had to create an entire website just to explain the logic behind it.

After all, we're not talking rocket science here.

On a More Personal Level

I'm a freelance writer and an investigative journalist. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University plus two technical degrees in electronics.

I've been a life-long health nut. I love old cars and Golden Oldies Rock and Roll. I am a die-hard musician and I love to sing four-part harmony "wit' me mates."

I would prefer to be in the workshop or the recording studio… rather than in front of the computer.

Favorite Bands: The Ventures, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Elvis, Chuck Berry, The Vogues, The Association, The Four Seasons, The Grass Roots, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Jay and the Americans, The Everly Bros., Ricky Nelson, Leslie Gore, The Searchers and all the old Doo Wop bands.

Favorite Country Artist: Dwight Yokum

Favorite Guitarists: Chet Atkins, Nokie Edwards, Dwayne Eddie, Jerry Reed, Buster B. Jones, Richard Smith, Dick Dale, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen, and the Hellecasters (Jerry Donahue, John Jorgenson and Will Ray).

Favorite Drummers: Mel Taylor, Buddy Rich, Max Weinberg.

Now, Getting Back to the Website...

My goal is to assist you in the recovery process by providing you with the tools and information you need to rebuild your back... and a support community to help keep you motivated.

It is not my goal or intention to persuade you from seeing your doctor or any legitimate health care provider. Rather, it is to provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and information so that you can work with your doctor towards a successful outcome.

There are times when you must seek the services of a professional and we advise that you consult with your doctor before attempting any of the procedures advocated on this website or in the books, Rebuild Your Back, Rebuild Your Neck or our new book, The Pain Relief Manual.

This Is Not Your Typical Back Pain Website

RebuildYourBack.com does not contain advertisements for pills, potions, gadgets, gimmicks or homegrown miracle cures. (In fact, at the present time, we don't carry any advertising at all.) We don’t answer to any special interest group and, what's more, we’re not one of those multi-million dollar medical websites filled with generic information and fluff.

We're Not Your Typical Back Pain Support Group

In fact, I have to admit I'm rather proud of the fact that the Rebuilder's Forum is not a bunch of defeatist cry babies looking for a pity party. As one of our members aptly put it, "We’re the 'can do' people… not the 'boo hoo' people."

And even though our primary purpose is to serve as a follow-up mechanism, support group and gathering place for readers of the book Rebuild Your Back... we are open to anyone interested in overcoming lower back or neck pain.

So Why Do We Do This?

Within the forum you'll find a small but growing group of people who have successfully rebuilt their backs and who wish to help others who are still living with back or neck pain.

Many of us were at one time victims of the misguided efforts of certain alternative healthcare providers, and as such, we feel a special bond and a unique sense of purpose to expose those who prey on our fellow back pain sufferers.

For example, see: Don’t I Need A Chiropractor?

Who Can Join

If a back pain problem has led you here then you’re already one of us. Membership in this club is entirely free and without strings. We don’t want your mother’s maiden name, your personal information or a DNA sample because, well... quite frankly... we wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

No, the only requirement is the desire to rebuild your back.

How You Can Help

Most of the first time visitors to this site came here because a friend told a friend.

You can help continue that tradition by telling your family and friends about us. If you know anyone who is suffering with back or neck pain do them a favor and tell them about this website.

Also, if you have a website or blog, please place a link on it to this site. Thanks.

So Now About That Back Pain...

If any of this appeals to you, then come on in and let's get acquainted. Take a look around and make yourself at home. Dig into some articles. Check out the Rebuilder's Forum... and most of all... let's get started rebuilding your back.


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