For the past several months I’ve been reading Colin Sullivan’s blog, Chronic Pain Lifestyle mainly for the really exceptional writing more so than because it’s about learning to live with chronic pain… something I, fortunately, don’t have to deal with.

I don’t recall how I found his blog… apparently followed a link from somewhere… but I think what initially caught my eye was the beautiful photography sprinkled throughout the site. Really adds a nice touch to the ambience. (Sorry, I just had to throw in a fancy word… I don’t really even know what “ambience” means…)

Grabs dictionary… looks up ambience.

Reads, “Atmosphere… as in sprucing up the dump.” (It doesn’t say that.) (Yes, it does.) (No, it doesn’t.) (I’m telling you…) (Shut up…)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah…

The site has two main authors, Colin and Anne and includes contributions from their friends, Wanda and Kathryn. Occasionally the posts are educational, sometimes they’re humorous, but more often than not the writing would best be described as inspirational or spiritually uplifting. (Something I can’t do on my best day.)

I can’t imagine living day in and day out with chronic pain, so my hat’s off to Colin and his friends for their positive outlook and message of hope for others who share a similar fate.

Another Good Reason to Avoid Surgery

According to Colin, he’s had 3 failed spinal surgeries and now lives with chronic pain in his feet, legs and back due to a disease known as Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

Now I have to confess, I’d never heard of this particular disease until I came across Sullivan’s blog and it turns out to be a result of the back surgery. Talk about adding insult to injury… and the worst part of it is… it appears to be incurable.

I can’t speak for Colin or the ladies, but I suspect that — if they had it to do over again — they would recommend that you exhaust every possible option before considering surgery or any similar invasive procedure.

If you do decide to check out their blog and you like their work, be sure to leave them some nice comments and let them know you stopped by. I’m sure they’d appreciate hearing from you.

– Dean

By the way, the incredible photography is the work of Dorothy Gantenbein.

(Maybe you could get her to take a look at this train wreck.)(What, you don’t like my ambience?)(What ambience?)(Hey, I got ambience…)(If you say so.)