Not long ago a chiropractor going by the screen name chiromed0 literally came unglued and proceeded to attack me in my forum over a statement I made in one of my articles comparing his so-called doctorate to “a two-year technical degree in knuckle cracking.”

I attempted to reply to his barrage of criticism but when he refused to conduct himself with any semblance of professionalism (and even started snapping at other members of the group) I simply banned him and deleted his inappropriate postings.

After all, that sort of behavior is just not acceptable in our friendly little group.

He was more than happy to be banned by the way, as it allowed him to run back to his friends at Chiroweb and play the martyr. So everyone went away happy in the end.

Just Expressing My Opinion

Yes, I know my original statement was insensitive… I have since edited that remark out of the article in question… not because it was wrong… but because it could be mistaken for a statement of fact, rather than merely me expressing my personal opinion.

Besides, as it was, the remark was not germane to the context of the article and I intended to edit it long before he complained… I just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Setting the Record Straight

What I have finally gotten around to is a long overdue article on the subject of chiropractic education entitled: Medical School or Fraud Factory? An Inside Look at Chiropractic College

I just can’t help wondering if he would still attempt to defend his diploma-mill doctorate after reading what his fellow chiropractors have to say in this latest article?

Take care,